Shopping Madness

I seriously enjoy Christmas shopping. I don’t know how many people can say that, but I do. I like picking out gifts for people, wrapping them, writing Christmas Cards… the whole shebang.

Since I am leaving for Germany in 7 (!) days, I tried to do most of my Christmas shopping last weekend. I hadn’t been shopping, I mean, REAL shopping, in a long time and therefore it was also a little bit of shopping for myself as well. Call it an early Christmas gift from my sweet husband – because he likes to send me on a shopping spree every once in a while. Apparently, he thinks that I am a very “weird” woman for not spending every spare penny on new clothes ;)

We went to the Outlets on Saturday. You gotta love the Outlets :) and you know what? It wasn’t even half as busy as I had expected it two be two weeks before Christmas. We found two pretty dresses – one of which I will wear for my godson’s baptism. Hopefully it isn’t too cold for that in Germany.

We also went to le Target (!) where I wanted to buy a flat iron – preferrably a dual voltage one that I can take to Germany. Luckily, they had quite a few to chose from that said “dual voltage” on the back of the package! Great! I just wanted to make sure that this information on the package really meant that I could use it in Germany without a converter, so I asked three (!) employees if they could help me with this product. You can probably guess that NONE of them had a clue what I was talking about and the most useful answer that I received was that I could return it, if it doesn’t work in Europe. Competent people, eh? The booklet inside did assure me finally that the flat iron would indeed work in Europe with a regular power adapter, so all is good.

We moved on to my favorite store in the world, Michaels, and also stopped at Nordstrom’s Rack.

J’s needs of shopping were definitely satisfied by our shopping tour on Saturday. Thus, I went to the Mall by myself on Sunday. I have to say that I enjoy shopping by myself and I had a fabulous day :) I got quite a few Christmas gifts [that I obviously can’t post here :)] and some nice stuff for myself… I bought a pair of jeans, a sweater, a belt, a purse, two long sleeve-shirts and a very nice top. I also got my make up done at Sephora‘s. It’s the first time I’ve ever done this, but it was fun and consequently I went a little crazy in the store afterwards. I don’t know if I have ever purchased that much make-up in one store visit.
Oh well :)

Besides a few things that I, or rather my sister!, will get in Germany, I think I am pretty much done with the Christmas shopping madness. How about you?

  1. Definitiv done. Yeah me uhm us ;-)

  2. uh, i hope you bought the “bare minerals” make-up. i’m still SO in love with it, i want everyone of my friends to have it also. it’s phenomenal! and i LOVE shopping by myself, too! :)

  3. I am the same way when it comes to shopping for myself. Collin always has to drag me into the store. It’s not that I hate shopping, I just hate spending money on clothes. One of my friends looked at me weird when I told her that I hadn’t bought a new pair of pants in over a year.

  4. I’m one of these “weird” women as well.
    I guess you are all set now! JUST 6 MORE DAYS!!!!

  5. Oh that sounds like fun! Did you take a picture after your make-over?
    6 more days… wahhhh!

  6. yeah really where are the pictures with the great make up?? glad you got something for yourself, dont know when i bought something for myself, so i am one of the weird ones as well. :) wow almost time to fly to germany, so excited for you! we dont do presents this year, so i am all set. lol. send you a big hug!!!!

  7. I LOVE Christmas shopping, and the wrapping! oh great snowflakes. Don’t even get me started on all the gorgeous PAPER. ; )

  8. sach ma – öfters schreiben Süße!! Ich weiß viel Stress und so – aber schreiben entlastet dich und hält uns so nebenbei auf dem Laufenden… ;-)

  9. Oh, I hope my card gets to you before you leave!
    I prefer shopping alone. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because then I can do and buy what I want.

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