Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was nice and peaceful. Since we don’t get Good Friday and Easter Monday off, like you lucky people in Germany, it didn’t really feel like a holiday weekend to me.
I had thought about coloring some eggs, like I did two years ago, but then J and I are not big fans of hard-boiled (cold) eggs and I didn’t see the point of wasting eggs, just so we had some colored Easter eggs in a basket that nobody was going to eat.

I baked my “traditional” Easter bread though. Doesn’t it look yummy?


It was pretty good (even though I experimented with different flour this time  – American flour just drives me nuts, to be blunt, but that’s a different story for some other time – and it didn’t come out as good as it has come out before – oh well.)

I ran my usual errands on Friday and stopped at a (different) thrift store again to see if I could snatch up some more books. Jeez, it’s addicting. I didn’t know that you can actually find really good, current books (not just very old, outdated copies) at the thrift store – and they’re only $1/paperback and $2/hardcover!
I even found two books which are on my “to-read”-list! I guess I have to thank the people who have made donations to Goodwill recently (as I have myself before – I would like to add). It’s all a matter of give and take :) I give my old clothes and household items and I take books! What a great trade!

I was a tiny bit sad yesterday that we couldn’t celebrate Easter with my family. I have fond memories of Easter when I was little. My great-aunt had a house with a HUGE backyard. I mean, really huge. My sister and I would go Easter Egg Hunting in her yard and with all the distances we had to cover, we didn’t carry around Easter baskets, we each had a small wheel barrow (I would show you pictures to prove it, but as you can guess, they’re all in Germany and not digitized. Maybe some other time ;)). Those were fun times! If I had spent Easter with my family, of course I wouldn’t have hunted for eggs in the backyard, because my great-aunt’s backyard is long gone and, to be honest, I am getting a little too old to go egg hunting myself… but as soon as Greta is old enough to run around and search for Easter baskets, I would like to be there and witness it! ;)

How was your Easter weekend? Did you go on an Easter Egg Hunt or would you like to share some memories? ;)

  1. you drove around with a wheel barrel?? Haha, I want to see this picture!

  2. I also want to see the wheelbarrow pics – how funny! I make Italian Easter braided bread (supposed to have colored eggs in it but I think it’s gross that way) and I have to go to specialty markets to get the kind of flour that makes it taste palatable.

    We had THREE egg hunts at our house and WAAAAYYY too much candy. I had to peel my kids off the ceiling!

  3. No egg hunting but a nice lunch at my parents house and later coffee and cake at M’s parents house.
    The weather is great over here, between 20 and 25 degrees every day since the last 12 days.
    I had off until today due to short-working-hours.
    It’s hard to be back at work,…

  4. that hefezopf does look yummy! i want some.

    goodwill has books? i never actually walked into that store, i guess i need to go check it out. i actually just donated something to them today: two tv’s and 3 large boxes of clothes.

  5. The bread looks wonderful!
    Try Health Food Stores for better flour, or perhaps a Whole Food Store.
    Our Easter was quiet. I made lamb, roasted potatoes and asparagus! No baking. Sadly. I love to make bread. Unfortunately, I also like to eat bread, and that makes me a little chubby!

  6. Mmmh, that looks yummy!

    We didn’t have a real Easter here either. No egg hunting. We did have hard boiled eggs for breakfast though. I actually like them, especially when the egg yolk is still soft.

  7. wow I want to eat some of it!!! oh your easter memories sound awesome and i can’t blame you for missing REAL easter. hey you can never be too old for an egg hunt! I also didn’t have one this year, but we got tons of food. haha. I missed the egg hunt though, justin didnt let me hunt for his. haha. I colored tons of eggs and J ate them all without sharing ANY with me, can you believe it?

    alright sweets, have a nice week, AI tonight?

  8. we have never been too big on celebrating any holiday and we don’t have traditions. So this year was fun…we cooked, dyed eggs, made little chickies out of cinnamon bread!

    I have never once in my life hunted for eggs…can you believe that? I will though once Abel is old enough…yay!!

    Im glad you had a nice weekend…and I need to get my butt to the thrift store, seems like I’m missing out on the cheap reads…I’m all about that!!

  9. Your bread looks awesome!!
    This is the fifth year that my son and I have volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house to provide dinner with the help of 10 other volunteers. It helps me provide a really great Easter dinner for my son (so I get my “I’m a good mom” points) and serves the community at the same time (good karma points!!).
    I miss the days when my son was little and it was egg hunts galore.

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