The Dinner Club

Last night we had our weekly dinner again.
I am already getting used to having this weekly get together and I look forward to it all week. The nice thing of having a really cool roommate and next door neighbor is that it makes it really easy to just “do things” together. I mean there is no planning in advance or driving or anything involved and we all have to eat in the evenings anyways – it is just a slighty nicer way than having dinner all by yourself every night.

Dylan volunteered to cook this week. He came over to our apartment around 7 p.m. and started preparing the meal. Kari and I ended up helping him with chopping vegetables, preparing the dessert and cleaning up. In the end, he’s just a guy ;)… but a guy who can cook! He made baked Salmon, baked tomatoes with onions and garlic, green beans and mushrooms and a big salad and it was delicious!

Seems like we’re trying to trump each other with culinary viands each week now ;)

Kari and I also helped prepare some homemade tiramisu … *yum* but we were all so full after the main course that we decided to save the dessert for today. It needed some more time to soak in and chill in the fridge anyways.

Next week is going to be J’s turn to cook and of course I’ll help him prepare something special. We actually always end up helping each other with the cooking, the designated “cook” just picks out the meal and goes shopping for it. Not sure yet what to cook next week. Maybe some roast beef.
J makes some fabulously medium-rare-and-tender roast beef. With fried onions. And potatoes. Yummy.

Any ideas for dessert?

  1. Sounds all fabulous! Yummy! I really like it when you actually cook together in a more unplanned manner, too. Missing that a bit from my old WG times. Is J going up to Sacromento with you every week now?
    As for dessert ideas: in autumn I like plums boiled with cinnamon and vanilla in red wine with ice cream. Or Bratapfel. Have a good weekend, hun!

  2. man, that REALLY sounds great. and yum. and what a nice tradition you’re starting there :)

    dessert. hmm? how ’bout that milkrice w/ cherries your mom makes? or cheesecake? something german i’d say for sure. rote gruetze mit vanillesauce? it almost doesn’t get more german than that ;)

    PS. it was great talking to you last night. and hopefully by sunday we’ll both know more… other than my man i like to plan ahead, as you know. so i’d be more than happy to set something up now! *smoochie*

  3. It sounds like a great idea! Are you sure your new friends are American? I don’t think any of our American friends here would have fun getting together like that once a week……everybody is just too busy… :(

    I think the Rote Grütze Kim mentioned sounds good!!!!!!!!! I could go for that right now!!

    Have a good weekend!

  4. when i was at meisteschule i had to flatmates. and when we came back from school we always cooked together and had dinner together.that was always nice. and i enjoy the dinner club with my girls. so i can only imagine how you like it. and it’s fun to trump each other…keeps the creativity.i have a few recipes for dessert if you are interested just let me know.

  5. wie waere es mit ausgebackene ananas? die will ich am we mal probieren!!!

  6. Definitiv was deutsches. Wie wärs denn mit einem einfachen, superleckerem Käsekuchen?? Ach stimmt, es gibt ja keinen Quark hier. Aber Sacramento hat doch mit Sicherheit einen deutschen Supermarkt?

  7. That sounds like so much fun. Right now we are trying to think of new ways to cook because Hubby was just diagnosed with high blood pressure. No more salt! Oh the pain!

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