Sushi anyone?

Dinner at Tamaya's

My roommate and I had a “Sushi Date” tonight. We’ve been talking about going out for sushi since I moved in and last night we decided that tonight was going to be the night :)
We went walked to “Tamaya Sushi Bar & Grill” which is conveniently located within walking distance of our apartment. Have I mentioned lately that I love how “accessible” Sacramento is? :)
We had “miso soup” and “soybeans” as appetizers and than we shared this big plate of delicious sushi rolls. I am starting to like it more and more. Next time J is up here, I’ll definitely have to take him!

Our weekend was good. We just enjoyed each other’s company again. This ‘quality time’ has become so special and so important to us since I started working again. We went to the movies on Saturday and watched “Death at a Funeral”. We both loved it. British Humor is just awesome. Afterwards we went for a walk at the beach and checked out the ‘Aloha Beach Festival’ which was close to the Pier. There was Live Music, a surfing competition and lots of little shops and food stands.
I decided to cook some nice dinner in the evening [beef and pork roast with mashed potatoes and green beans – YUM!] and later we watched “Walk the line” on DVD. J hadn’t seen it and I had told him that we absolutely had to watch it.

Sunday was my Dad’s birthday and I was a little bummed that J and I couldn’t be there with my family to celebrate. We had a long talk on the phone though and where able to share a little bit of the party that was going on at my parents’ house. My Dad also sent me some pictures today and it was good to see them all happy and celebrating :)

It’s late and I gotta work tomorrow, so I’ll tell you more later…

  1. hmm, that looks yum. i think. i’ve never had sushi before. C doesn’t like seafood and none of my girlfriends are into sushi either so i never knew who to go and try it out with. hey, maybe in LA? :)


  2. That Sushi looks great! Glad you had a good weekend at home with J.

  3. i LOVE sushi, that looks delicious. im hungry now!!!

  4. well, if you ask me…no thanks;-) as you already know i am no big sushi fan. the starters sounded fine to me though. but i am sure, whenever sanna will see that pic her mouth will get watery;-)
    glad to hear you guys had such a nice weekend. and i loved the movie walk the line,too.smoochie

  5. Hehe, not only Sannas mouth… man, this is mighty yummy looking sushi!

  6. That sushi looks fabulous!!! Quality time with the guy is always good, isn’t it?

  7. Oh my … that sushi looks too good to eat!

  8. I have never tried sushi, it’s on my ‘to do’ list.

    Sorry you did not get to be there at your dad’s birthday.

    I think ‘Walk the Line’ is an excellent movie!

  9. oh my gosh! i am sooooo jealous! this looks awesome!! i loved “walk the line” did you??? kisses!!!

  10. Oh that looks spectacular!!! Yum!
    Sorry that you missed your dad’s birthday but nice that you got to tune in via phone. Do both of you have a webcam? That should be fun, too, if it’s set-up at the party. :)

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