Sacramento got me back :)

My first week at work is almost over and I finally have a few minutes to update you guys. The last week has just been so busy.

First off, we moved last Thursday. You gotta love the US for the “easy” moving procedures. You just back up your boxes, collect a few furniture pieces, clean up the place and leave.
There is no “disassembling of the kitchen”, “disassembling your closets” or anything like that. We packed up and cleaned up our apartment in Westwood in just one day. Awesome.
We spent the first night in our new apartment Thursday night. J and I have made it our “routine” to sleep the first night in an empty apartment on the floor :) It’s kinda fun.

Friday, we unpacked the U-Haul truck and unpacked. I love our new apartment. It doesn’t have as much style and it’s not as unique as our apartment in Westwood, but it does have some nice features… vaulted ceilings, a nice-sized kitchen with dishwasher!, and a big patio :)

Monday morning, I had to get up at 3 a.m., the airport shuttle picked me up at 4 a.m. and took me to the airport in Burbank. While waiting for the flight, I spilled a cup of coffee right on my top. GREAT! Fortunately, I only had carry-on luggage and therefore was able to change clothes.
The flight was only an hour and before I knew it, we landed in Sacramento :)
I picked up my rental car – a Toyota Prius Hybrid. OMG! I l.o.v.e this car! It operates half on a normal gas motor and half on electric power. When I first stopped at a light, it almost felt like the car was not even running at all. Amazing! I am curious how much gas I will have to refill before I drop it off again.
My boss and co-workers were thrilled to see me and I was very excited myself. Most of the day I was busy with filling out paperwork and running a lot of administrative errands.

In the evening, I met with my friend Ilka for dinner downtown. She took me to this nice little, serve-yourself restaurant Jack’s Urban Eats and I kept kicking myself the whole night that J and I didn’t know about when we lived in Sacramento. It’s a nice place with decent prices and the food is just delicious! They serve soup, sandwiches and salads. You can create your own salad from a list of menu items and then they prepare it for you right in front of your eyes. Yummy! I ended up getting some take-out there last night, so here’s a picture. Ilka and I talked for about three hours. It’s so great to have a familiar face to meet up with while being here :)

My workday starts at 7 a.m., so I had to get up early on Tuesday. Since I’ll be working a 4-day week, I have to put in 10 hours each day and that means that I’ll be off to an early start every day, but that is actually fine with me. I have to say that yesterday and today just went really fast. Maybe it’s because I had a lot! to do – I don’t know ;)

Tuesday night, I met with a girl who is renting out a room in her duplex apartment in Midtown. We instantly clicked and within minutes her cat had decided to take up residence on my lap – seems like we were off to a good start :) We had a really good time, the apartment is really nice [I would get my own gabled room upstairs] and after two hours she said that – if I can work things out – she would like me to move in. Yay!

Life is good right now.

  1. This is so exciting! I’m really happy for you that everything finally is falling into place! Can’t wait to see photos of your new appartment! The patio and the dishwasher along with my own utility room with washer and dryer were my favourite features when we first moved to the house and I still appreciate them every day! Have another happy day at work! Smooches!

  2. oh hun, i am SO happy to hear you’re happy. you sound very happy which makes me happy and i can’t wait to check out the new place and patio in november. we can BBQ and everything. wohooo! do you guys have a guestroom?

    sending you big, huge smooches and i will answer your email tomorrow – today has been crazy at work and i can’t wait to get out of here and away from the computer!

  3. That is great! You sound so happy. Finally something to do! And its so nice of your work that they even put your nametag back on the window. How sweet!

  4. Looks like things are coming together. Great!

  5. You know what? I never ever knew about people having to disassemble everything until I went to Germany! I couldn’t believe it! It’s such a task there! Like you say, it’s easy here!! :) I am glad that everything is working out!!! :D

  6. hey sweets, i am glad to hear your first week was so exciting and went so smooth. would be happy if you would have found a nice roomie;-) good to know everyone at work is happy you are back:-)
    miss you

  7. Explain this disassemble dealie for we Americans who’ve never heard of such a thing.

  8. AWESOME! i am so excited for you!seems like everything works out great!! makes me happy to see you happy!!!! big hug and a kiss!!!

  9. Yay Sweetie I’m so happy to hear!!! Smoochie!

  10. Sounds wonderful!!! Especially the 3-day-weekends! I’m so happy for you that things are finally falling into place.

    Enjoy your weekend with J!

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