Meeting new people is always fanastic. Meeting people that you feel you KNOW already, although you have not met in person before, is in 99,9% of all cases even better! It’s like meeting old friends, only that they’re not and you’re, in fact, meeting for the first time! :)
Confusing, eh?

Like I said in one of my previous posts: I had not intended to go to BlogHer. at. all. I wasn’t even registered when I ended up going (although I did receive a BlogHer 08 125x125 pin at the hotel reception at check-in).

I did not really care about women bloggers (though, now I do!) and I did not see any purpose in going to a conference for blogging. I mean, isn’t that something that most people just do for fun? (unless you’re a journalist or business blogger or something) What’s the conference for then? It sounds so important, so business-like.

Apparently, I wasn’t all wrong. I think most of the people who came to the conference where there for the fun, the hanging out, the networking, the meeting of e-familiar and new, non-familiar people.

In retrospect, I wish I had signed up for the whole weekend, not just barely 24 hours. But I didn’t know. If I may quote Jenny: “I can’t explain it – you just had to be there”.
If you know me, than you know about me that I really can’t stand large crowds of women. Can’t. stand. them.
I can barely handle 5 girls in the same room.
But for some reason, I didn’t mind the ridiculous numbers of women that we constantly bumped into in the lobby of the hotel, the elevator, around Union Square, all proudly displaying their “BlogHer badge”. I just didn’t let it bother me, because there was spirit in the air and in the end, it was just important that I got to hang out with some really awesome ladies (especially since girl-time had been a little bit too overdue for me).

Hey, I even ran into Sarah, one of my flickr-contacts.

It turned out that I was a little unprepared for the event, because people had business cards, moo-cards and the like and where handing them out left and right. Nobody had told me that I have to “hand out” anything, besides my cordial greeting, but to my relief, I learned quickly that first-timers always make that mistake.

So, next time, I’ll be prepared. Maybe. If by that time I am willing to just randomly hand out my URL. We’ll see about that ;)

  1. babe, i will start saving for blogher 2009 right after the december trip! seriously. it all sounds SO MUCH FUN and i would love to be there and experience it myself…

    also, can’t wait to see you in september!!! *smooches*

  2. i don’t know if that whole blogger conference would have been my thing but i am sure you met a lot of nice people. and i am sure you enjoyed some girl time:-)

  3. haha. so funny! i am glad you got the hang of it! i know what you mean about too many girls in the room. haha. well, you know life is full of surprises. right? love ya

  4. haha yeah i didn’t really know what to expect with blogher either. but it was definitely a great time.

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