This is why I don’t watch TV

Since I worked last Friday, the weekend was fairly short. [In case you want to yell at me for complaining about NOT having a three-day-weekend this time, I’d like to remind you that I work 10+ hours the other days of the week, thank you very much].
J and I wanted to watch a movie Friday night, but that plan miserably failed when I fell asleep around 9 p.m. I am just tired by the end of the week.

Saturday, I ran some errands in the morning and then we watched the clouds move in and the rain to start falling. J couldn’t have been happier and encouraged me to take a walk with him. Of course, we were soaking wet when we returned, but happy.
It’s funny how there is nobody out when it’s raining. I literally mean, nobody [except for the odd person with a dog, of course].

Sunday was a little lighter Рrainwise Рand after spending the morning on the phone with people from overseas [aka family and friends] and cleaning up our place, I took J out for a well-derserved dinner at Cr̻peville. Thank God we have one in town here as well :) I had the Basil Cr̻pe again [this time I took a photo to prove it] and J had the Savory Cr̻pe with prawns. Delicious!
We watched some more X-files after we got home and that was it for the weekend.

Oh, one more thing I have to mention because it was so horrible and to explain the title of this post:

You know, I really do enjoy good movies. I also get into the occasional TV show and admit it, who doesn’t like to have an hour each week in which to escape to a –more or less- realistic story about someone else’s life?

Good, so we’re on the same page.

I think I also can kind of understand how some people – no offense – can get totally hooked on reality TV. Some of the shows are or can be hilarious [Jackass] and entertaining.

But this weekend I came across the possibly worst TV show ever. And I mean, ever ever.

Rock of Love with Bret Michaels.

I don’t even know where to start, so much is wrong with this show.

Well, let’s start with the concept of it: 20 sometimes not so beautiful sometimes not so young women sign up to make total idiots of themselves while competing for Bret Michaels’ heart [who by the way is the biggest turn-off that I’ve ever seen].
If this alone is not sexist, I don’t know what is.

But no, those women have no dignity left whatsoever and think it’s totally “normal” to compete with 19 other scarcely dressed females for prince charming’s this guy’s favor.
He, however, obviously just enjoys making out with every single one of them, preferrably in front of the other ones, just to decide at the end of each week that one of them has to leave the mansion and can’t “rock his world” anymore.

Biggest BS that I have ever watched on TV. Seriously.

  1. i [fortunately] don’t know that show so i can’t say much about it but it sounds pretty bad ;)

    also, looks like you got your site back in order. sorry i wasn’t much help… *smoochies*

  2. Mmmmh, savoury crepes, looks yummy!
    Have a great weekend and don’t waste your time with that BS on TV ;-) (at least that’s how I feel when I once in a while zap around and get stuck with a show like that)

  3. this show pretty much sounds like da flavor in love;-)i already thought THAT show was disgusting or i watched 2 or 3 episodes of strange love….disgusting!!! how sad ppl have to be to sell themselves like that. but yesterday i client of mine, which i know since i am a kid, is prolly making himself a fool in a tv blind date show. desperado;-) that walk in the rain sounded awesome, sweetie.

  4. I really don’t do “reality tv”. I watch things that are (I hope) well written, good stories with (I hope) good acting. I don’t need to watch Donald Trump or some other celebrity type on the tube. Or even those bachelor type programs. Yuck! Life is too short.

  5. Don’t do reality tv either. Hope you have a great weekend! Don’t fall asleep :). love you, Susi

  6. looks like you got your blog back. yay!
    ok and that TV show sounds horrible…

  7. hey where did my comment go? i commented on this post before!

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