A visitor from home

This afternoon, J and I headed for the airport. We were going to meet with one of my friends from Germany. Well, he’s actually the brother of my ex-boyfriend Thomas, but we have always gotten along really well and when he emailed me a couple of weeks ago that he would be coming to LA in June, I was really excited.
I hadn’t seen Stefan in quite a while and it was a little awkward at first to see him “here” in Los Angeles. It’s kind of strange to see people on the other side of the world that you’ve so far only seen in a very well-known environment back home. You know what I mean?
Stefan is actually here on business for a week, but he’s our first visitor from my hometown nonetheless and that’s exciting.

So we picked him up at the airport, picked up his rental car and headed for a Japanese restaurant here in Westwood to have some dinner together.
He was clearly tired after the long flight and due to the time difference [it was already 3 a.m. local time in Germany], but he was in a very cheerful mood and we had a great time catching up. He and J hit it off right away. Stefan works in the “audio” business and therefore J was really eager to talk with him about sound equipment :)

Unfortunately, we only had about 2 hours together, because he was tired and had to drive another hour to get to his hotel in Anaheim where he’ll be staying for the next week and where he’ll be attending an international convention. He’ll have a busy schedule the next couple of days – but maybe, if we’re lucky, he’ll be able to squeeze in another dinner sometime this week. That would be nice :)

We once again realized how nice it is to have good company and we clearly need to make some new friends.

  1. and he’s kinda yum, too ;)

  2. Och schade, dass er nur so kurz da ist.

  3. Every time I go home I realize just how important good friends are. Just that instant comfort is enough.

  4. It’s so nice with good company and visitors from home! I’m glad you could enjoy both of it! Hope your friend’s busy schedule allows you to have another evening together!

  5. isnt it great to talk to someone in GERMAN for once?

  6. Das komische Gefuehl jemanden aus der “Vergangenheit” hier zu haben, kenne ich und ich bin dann reichlich traurig, wenn die Person wieder abfliegt. Ein Stueck Heimat geht dann wieder von einem. Aber schoen, dass ihr wenigstens, wenn auch nur ein paar Stunden miteinander verbringen konntet und bald hast Du ja auch Deine Eltern bei Dir.

  7. Ach schön, dass er Zeit hatte Euch zu treffen! Hoffe es klappt nochmal diese Woche, oder vielleicht schafft ihr es ja einen Ausflug nach Anaheim zu machen. Drücke die Daumen!!

  8. thats good to hear you had some nice company:-) and i am sure you guys will find new friends soon.

  9. awww. i wish you wouldnt live so far away!!! glad you had some nice company thats awesome! how did kim see a picture of him? i didnt see any links…tried to call you last night, maybe i have more luck today. big hug and a kiss!

  10. kim… yes, he is ;)

    susi… find ich auch.

    hemlock … so true.

    antje… i hope so too.

    infineon… well, i can do that with j as well ;)

    tanja… ja, noch drei tage! ich flipp’ aus!

    sanna… das wäre schön!

    ilka… yeah, i hope so too.

    ute… sweetie, you have to check my flickr. there are new photos every day ;)

  11. Wow 2 more days until your family arrives!!!

  12. That sounds like fun and only a couple of days until your parents and your cousin will be there… ;) Have fun, sweetie!

  13. Just 2 more days until your family comes over!!!!! Have a great time and enjoy every minute with them!!!!

  14. danke fuer deine hilfe mit den bildern san, ich hab die einladungen schon fertig gestellt und sie sind besser geworden als ich dachte! lieb von dir dass du mir geholfen hast :) ich hab die bilder auch auf meinen blog getan, guck mal!

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