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january 15, 2007 - day 99

What would we do without the phone and the Internet? I know that I would be desperate, that’s for sure. I value the possibilities of communication now more than ever before. Since I moved here, it has become clear to me, and I mean ‘clear’ as in crystal clear, that I won’t go back to Germany anytime soon and that I won’t see my family for quite a while.

Yes, of course I knew all that before I made the decision to come here and it’s not like I haven’t lived away from home before, but this time it was somewhat different. I came here on a one-way ticket and on a visa status that is not going to expire [unless, J decides to kick me out and divorce me – which at this point seems highly unlikely ;)], and this drastically changes the attitude of being away from your family 180 degrees.
I think I didn’t realize how hard it would be at times to NOT be able to see my sister, to NOT see my family and to be away from my friends.

No, this is not going to be a whiny post, because I was not whiny or sad today. I just wanted to lay out the situation for you and I want to emphasize how thankful I am for the ways of communication at our disposal these days. I couldn’t do this, if it wasn’t for the fact that I can talk to my family whenever I like.

  1. sweety, i understand what you mean even though i don’t think i really know [yet, anyways] and it’s certainly pretty big. but you’re right, all those ways of communication make it a lot easier to deal with.

    i remember 1997/98 when an 8 minute call from germany to the US would cost 10 D-mark and internet was really rare and special to have at home. sometimes i would write an email [my host-parents had internet…] to a friend of my mom’s who had a business [and therefor internet] so he could print it out and give it to my mom ;)

    hey, if it weren’t for the www, we would have never met *gasp* and that would just plain suck! HDGDL, maus and we’ll talk soon! *smooch*

  2. Oh yeah, thank God for cheap phone calls and the internet! :)

  3. So with you on this one. I just discovered yahoo telephone and I loooooove love love it! Really cheap, good connection. Fab. :)

  4. I also wonder how people stayed in touch before the internet. It’s just so easy, you know?

  5. That’s so true! God bless the internet!

  6. i really gotta call you soon! send you some happy thoughts. :-) love ya

  7. Long ago when I lived in Berlin (first time out of the country and I spoke no German) I remember going to a pay phone and calling my parents collect, in tears. I was so homesick. Back then, (and this was not so long ago) there were no cell phones, laptop computers were terribly expensive and even long distance calls were terribly expensive.
    Yes, there is much to celebrate now with all the inexpensive ways we can stay close to those we love!

  8. Although there are thousands of kilometres, the nine hours time difference…it’s nice to know that you can grap the phone, dial the number and in the very next second your family members or friends are there to listen what you have to say (well if there are at home ;-)) It’s so important for me, too. Especially having the bad mind that my parents can’t be the grandparents they would love to be, because of my choice.

  9. Was this post somehow inspired by our conversation last night? It kind of sounds like it, because that was exactly what we talked about! :o) It was fun talking to you and we have to do that again very soon, honey.

  10. I agree. While I still live in Germany I live 350km from my hometown and the internet (and phone) is mainly how I stay in touch with my friends back home. Aside from that it gives me a chance to stay in touch with my friends that I made in the States, and the friends I made over the internet. :) It is such a good thing.

  11. i was wondering if you have started looking for jobs yet?!

  12. Thank god for the internet! though remeber we met through old fashion hand written letters…. remember those days lol

    Love ya and miss ya tonz
    Ps you take great pics sis!

  13. hey sweets,
    you know how much i agree on that. and especially since you moved to the us our friendship became much closer than before you moved to davis. so all those communication possibilities are sooo important. and it’s so cool that nowadays you don’t really have to spend a dime to talk to someone.
    i remember when i had to beg people to be able to check your email once a week. and was reading a long one of yours and write back a long one to report about what happened in a week;-) thank god those times are over.:-)

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