The weekend

Hey guys… how is everything? I am so tired today. The weekend was too short… as always… but we had fun!!

Friday night J took me out for dinner, because it was Friday night and we had to get out of the house. We went to “Mimi’s Café” again and I just love it there. It’s one of these chain-restaurants, but really really good. We had Vegetable Quesadilla as an appetizer and then I had Caesar Salad *yummy* and Pasta with Asagio Cream (something like Pasta Alfredo… along these lines). It was delicious.

Saturday I went shopping again… this time for J and for our apartment. I also wanted to look for this cute combination of hoodies and pants that I talked about in one of my last posts, but unfortunately the one at Old Navy just looked terrible on me (which was definitely the way the pants and hoody were tailored… I tried another one of these pants somewhere else and they looked just great, but there was no hoody to go with it, so I didn’t buy them). I got some shirts for J and some new towels, as well as a new set of sheets for our bed. It had this nice blue-squared look and I just love it :)

In the evening I wanted to go to Silke’s Farewell Party with Rachel, but when I came home and checked my emails, I found out the Party was canceled, because Robin, Scott and Antonia couldn’t come and Silke assumed that I didn’t have time either (don’t know where she got that from), so she canceled the party. I was kind of surprised, because I didn’t know it was only for the Bookclub people… so I called Rachel and told her that we’re not going which meant that I had a nice evening with J at home.
I made some tomatoes with mozzarella for dinner *yummy* and then we watched the movie “Bloody Sunday”. It’s about the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland in the early 70’s (I am sure you’ve all heard about “Bloody Sunday” before… at least the same-titled song by U2). It was a good movie, but really disturbing.

Sunday we slept in and then did some laundry and went for a walk. It was raining all weekend, so we were pretty lucky to pick some time between rain showers for our walk.
J took a little nap and I woke him up at 3:30 p.m. because we wanted to go out for an early dinner and then I was going to take him to the Kings game I didn’t want to tell him, but take him for a drive and end up at Arco Arena, but I finally had to tell him where we were going in advance, because otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten up in time :
He was totally excited, so I think it was a nice surprise!
We went to Bakers Square for the early dinner special and then drove over to Arco Arena at 5:30 pm. Considering how hard it is to get tickets for the NBA, I was kinda disappointed that there were quite a few seats empty… I don’t know if these seats are usually taken by people with season tickets, but it’s a shame that other people can’t go, because there are no tickets available, when apparently there are free seats for each game. They really have to work this out better…

Unfortunately the Kings lost the third time in a row against the Golden State Warriors (actually the worst team in their group). The Kings just couldn’t get the points that they needed. It was a close game until the end, but the Warriors won with 104:94. Here are some pics

  1. Hi Sista
    Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing weekend… what ever weekend should be like… I love linen shopping – there are always sooo many designs to choose from…. and the feel of brand new sheets on the bed is lovely :-) lol I always scare greg cause I want to get something girlie design on the doonha cover lol but he puts his foot down about sleeping in a bed with roses on it lol Oh well :-)
    So glad that Jon loved his suprise…. pity they lost :( but ya cant have everything lol
    Miss ya and love ya tonz

  2. Hehe… yeah, I think Jon would have objected too?if I had come home with sheets with roses on it… I don’t know why… they look so pretty :-D:-)
    I’ll stop by your diary later {v}

  3. i wanna go shopping for OUR (C’s and mine) apartment, too *powds*. and just have cozy weekends together and share the every-day-stuff and… i’m jealous. naa, you know i’m happy you two get to be together. and i SO can’t wait to see you in the summer ;-) *hugs*

  4. that weekend sounded so good. that’s cool. i would love to spend the weekend with my babe,too. finally again…..buhuuu oops just saw that the lady up there seems to have the same prob…lol

  5. Hellooo :-) I love the new layout!

  6. Yeah I’ll write the rest tonight. Last week was awesome. I could totally imagine living in SF! Beautiful city!

  7. jep, this lady definetely has the same problem ;-) hate it.. :-(

  8. isn’t that nice… we’re all sitting in the same boat, at least at one time or the other…

  9. Glad I’m not the only one who does that. I think another friend of mine actually does it sometimes as well (or at least he’s considered it, I don’t remember, haha). So did you end up getting the LH album tonight? It really is great! :D You’ll love it ;)

  10. schätzeken, how are you today? i think we’re the only ones using your chatterbox? me writing you novels in there., eh? going for a yummie racelette dinner in about 30 min with the bunch. looking forward to that. ;-D but i will “visit” you later again. honey, i know i could count on you when you would be here when i would need help with anything. can’t wait until july…..

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