Guess what…

October 11, 2007 - day 286

Yes. They’re finally back: my posts about the Sacramento Kings :)

One really good thing about living in Sacramento again is that I’ll be able to watch ALL the Kings games on TV again – on a local TV station with my favorite commentators of all times, Grant Napear and Jerry Reynolds :)

Another good thing is, I’ll be able to go and see them LIVE again. Like last night. My co-worker has season tickets and whenever she can’t go – she offers them to one of us at the office. Because yesterday was on such short notice, nobody could or wanted to go… except for ME :)

So cool that Jon is here and he could actually go with me. He picked me up from work, we had a quick dinner at Subway’s and almost made it to Arco Arena in time for the game start.

Unfortunately, it seems like I have to re-familiarize myself with the team again. A lot of changes have taken place since I closely followed the NBA games. I think there are only three players left that I remember from two years ago. It was still so great to see them play again :)

It’s still Pre-Season and they didn’t do too well last night… lost by a 12-point difference against the Phoenix Suns. They just didn’t seem as “awake” as the other team, but I hope that’ll improve during the season. I am so excited that I’ll be able to watch NBA again :)

  1. guess were i just got home from. the phoenix suns vs new orleans hornets game! i love basketball, it was awesome we got free tickets and had our ownb suite (sponsored by matts work) :)

  2. i know how you love the kings and i simply know how you love sacramento…lol i am glad you were able to see them. hve nice weekend , sweets

  3. well you know maybe they missed their biggest fan so once they realize that you are back, their talent will return. :)

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