The weekend

I had a fabulous weekend. What I did? NOTHING :)

Well, that is, of course, not true. I am always doing something! But what I meant is, we just relaxed. Friday afternoon, J and I went on a big shopping trip [don’t get excited – just groceries and household items] and it took a freakin’ long time. Friday afternoons are no good when it comes to shopping, which means driving to different stores which translates into hitting traffic. We were gone for about 4 hours! 4 freakin’ hours!
I swore myself that night that I was not moving the car this weekend.
The good thing was, we came home with two free movie tickets for “Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End” which will be playing this coming Friday! You just got to love those promotions run by different stores. We earned the free movie tickets just by shopping items that were on our shopping list anyways. That’s how I like shopping!

Yesterday I just hung out at home, had a late breakfast and J and I watched “What’s eating Gilbert Grape“. Can you believe that he hadn’t seen this movie before? I was speechless. I have watched that movie at least 4 times, although I think yesterday was my first time I saw it in English. I just love Johnny Depp in this movie and Leonardo DiCaprio did such a great job portraying his mentally handicapped brother Arnie.

We also hung out for a while with our neighbors from downstairs. They are a very nice, recently married couple and J and I had talked about hanging out with them for quite a while, but since they’re both working full-time, we hadn’t found the time yet [and you know how it goes – it seems like you mutually like each other, but first get-togethers are always a little awkward at first, so you really need some kind of a coincidental event to finally get together. Well, that was yesterday and it was really nice.]
I hope that they’ll become a little more than our downstairs neighbors ;)

Today I pretty much put myself on the couch and stayed there for most of the day. I watched some TV, a movie [“Rumor has it” – loved it] and later some more X-files with J. I played some Sudoku, read for a while and – yes, was basically very lazy :) Oh, and I talked to my family and a friend *wink* Don’t you love days like that?

  1. uh, uh, you mentioned me in the entry *wink* and yes, i DO love days like that. i don’t think i even got really dressed yesterday…

    now i’m back at work and mondays after 4-day-weekends seem to suck even more than “regular” mondays. bleh!

  2. With two dackel babies I rarely have any down time. However, yesterday once I was done grocery shopping, I sat down in my chair with the two puppies and we all fell asleep. Ahhhhh! That was so nice.

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend to me! I must do that sometime soon! I feel like I haven’t read in months and I have this great book that I’ve been reading… ummm… since September I think. Well, I’ve read something else in between but still. We have to talk soon, I have Verizon now~

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! I’m glad to hear you’re starting to meet new people in L.A., hope some will turn into great new friends ;-)!

  5. don’t we all love those weekends? that time that gets lost while have to go anywhere would drive me crazy. but i guess you can’t do anything against it.:-(
    i am happy for the couple that is living in your house and is nice and i hope you guys found some cool new friends. or bekännties;-)

  6. A weekend to be jealous of ;-)
    Im running around like a madwomen to get everything ready for my parents who will be here in 2 short weeks!!YIKES!

    I love “Whats eating gilbert grape”, its one of my fav movies, i could watch it over and over..

    Have a great start into the week!

  7. NICE! :)
    oh and i like your new layout, its neat.

  8. What a great weekend! Big hugs!!!

  9. Hey it’s not very long time since I watched the Gilbert Grape film for the first time.

    Sounds like a lovely weekend San!


  10. That sounds like a great weekend to me!! Besides the Friday afternoon shopping. That sucks it took so long! I hate when that happens.

    And I really like your new layout!!

  11. ARGH! Your damn password thing…LOL
    I can’t get in…and I DO have the right password and CAPS are definitely off. SNIFF!

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