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february 8, 2007 - day 114

Yeah, I am so excited. I received my external hard drive in the mail today. Pretty slick, huh? I hope that this will be the solution to all my problems with my notebook.

I dedicated pretty much my whole day to my notebook. It was pretty easy to back up the whole c: drive of my computer on this little buddy and then I wiped out my hard drive and started reformatting. Yes, I’ll pretty much have a brand new ‘baby’. I felt kind of hesitant doing that, because I hope I will still be able to put all my files back and have everything working like before, but in the end, I think it was a good thing and a warning for me to back up and take better care of my system! Thank god I didn’t lose any data.
I really recommend to all of you, back up your data NOW!
It’s a P.I.T.A. to deal with a crashed system, but it’s even more annoying if you lose valuable data during this process.

Not much new otherwise. Temperatures are down to 64°F and I am wearing long pants again ;) so much for the summery temperatures.

  1. YAY! i’m glad to hear it all worked out so smooth. good to have you back in the www – MISSED YOU TONS! *smoochie*

  2. Great news! And I can only second your recommendation, we have the harddiscs mirrored now, hopefully they don’t break both at the same time!
    Have a great weekend, hun!

  3. awesome! glad to hear everything worked out! 64? we have 10 over here, so stop complaining. hehe. love ya

  4. Oh yay, good thing you’ve got everything save and secure now. I back-upped my stuff before comming here but I’m always worried about the external drive crashing, too. Paranoid, huh?!
    Smoochie! HAve a good weekend!

  5. It happened to us at Christmas. Hubby’s computer crashed and burned. Luckily, we were able to extract the important files before the hard drive literally consumed itself!
    I now back up once a week. Obsessive compulsive! That’s me now!

  6. wow. sick computers have been making the rounds lately. mine is getting Windows reinstalled on it now that my photos from the end of August to present have been rescued. i second your reminder for people to make sure they get their important files backed-up!

  7. Awesome!!! I have never made a back-up of any of my files… maybe I should….

  8. I’m glad that things worked out. Computers are so frustrating sometimes!!

    Me? I need to backup our photos somehow… perhaps an external is what we need too.

  9. I’m glad you could work it out. Computer problems SUCK big time! 64F? I’m sorry. We had 80F here today…

  10. An external harddrive would be really great. I am glad you managed to save all your files and reformat. I always like that, having a basically new computer, and you get to make it yours again by customizing everything and stuff. And a week later the “My files” are back to the mess they used to be. ;)
    I try to backup my data regularly, especially the pictures, I do not delete them from the camera until I have made a backup to DVD/CD.

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