I apologize…

for being so quiet over here.

I have recently found myself lost in my own thoughts a lot. Numerous hours are spent on the computer, working on my resume, trying to find jobs in the area that would fit my profile.
I am a little bit struggling with what my profile is. Often, when I come across job descriptions and the requirements, I have doubts about my own skills and abilities. Although I’ve been given very good references by my old boss, I don’t give myself enough credit. I know that I can do any job that you place in front of me. I just have a very hard time “advertising myself and my skills” and if there is one requirement in the job description that I don’t feel comfortable about, I am easily discouraged.
I know that this is totally silly and unnecessary, but I guess it just comes from the fact that I don’t have much, if not to say close to NO- job hunting experience whatsoever.

All the jobs that I had before were acquired through contacts and personal persistence. I’ve never applied for a job the common way and I have never had a real job interview. My inexperience in regard to that makes me somewhat nervous, although I know that I do have a good way with people and, once they’ve met me personally, will have a much better idea of what to expect from me work-wise.

As soon as there is any news in this department, I’ll let you know.

Our weekend was pretty quiet. J made me watch a whole bunch of X-files episodes, me keeping my promise that I would start watching all X-files seasons with him. It was my trade-off for J’s sitting through all the Sex and the City seasons with me [which we haven yet to finish]. I have to admit that I start developing a liking for the show, although I still kind of disagree with the “mystery” part of it. I am not a fan of horror movies and the like and everything that is a little scary or suspicious leaves me behind with a tense feeling.

We cooked some yummy dinner on Friday. A nice steak, salad and potatoes. If anyone needs a good recipe for potatoes [baked in the oven with some herbs], just let me know and I’ll share it. It’s very easy, too.

UPDATE:  You can find the recipe following the “Recipes” link on the right ;)

  1. don’t apologize, hun. if you don’t feel like posting, yo don’t. i’m sorry i still didn’t manage to call. it’s always too early there when i think of it [like i did around 6 pm on sunday] and like i said, there are so many things to talk about but it’s kinda “difficult” with C there [as you can probably tell from the post in the forum…]. he may go to oldenburg today [although i still doubt that, but you never know] and then i’ll call you tonight. i swear i will try! i miss talking to you!

    also, you KNOW how good you are in your field and in what you do. you’re great at working through new programs [as you proved in your old job] and have lots of experience. your personality rocks so as soon as you have an interview, you probably pretty much have the job. just be yourself, that’s WAY enough! big *smoochie* and my fingers are crossed that you will find the perfect job real soon! :)

  2. I can so feel with you when it comes to how you are struggeling with that job hunt. But based on how you come across in your blog I just know you will be fine. Don’t let those requirements discourage you, nichts wird so heiss gegessen, wie es gekocht wird. Companies can always wish that the candidates meet a lot of requirements, but my experience is that if you can just make them interested enough so that they invite you for an interview, then I think you’ll convince them. That’s at least the impression I got from you.

    Hehe, this trade-off on TV series sounds very familiar to me. Jörgen is totally into Discovery Channel watching mythbusters and stuff…well I guess I’m getting used.

    How about adding the recipe in the Recipe section on this page? It would be a great idea to share recipes that way, I’m always interested in new, simple recipes!

    Thanks for your sweet comment, I was more than happy to deliver the hug!

  3. Also Adobe hat mich genommen, obwohl ich erst 6 Monate in den USA war, jeder doofe Mexikaner besser Englisch sprechen konnte, als ich und mein technisches Knowhow doch ehr gering ist – da wirst Du in keinsterweise irgendwelche Probleme haben…hier ist eins wichtig…verkauf Dich gut, ueberzeug sie mit Deinem Selbstbewusstsein (und das hast du ja) und Du hast den Job. Was besseres als Dich koennen sie nicht einstellen – so gehst Du am Besten in ein solches Gespraech.
    Nimm das erste Interview nicht sooo ernst, sondern seh es als einen Test an…und nachdem Du das Interview hinter Dir hast, faengst Du erst richtig an…Du wirst sehen, spaetestens nach dem dritten Interview weisst Du, wie Du sie am besten ausspielen kannst. ;-)
    Deutsche werden hier gerne gesehen..denn immerhin sind wir Deutschen doch ordentlich, puenktlich und fleissig. Manchmal haben “Vorurteile” auch was gutes. ;-) Und wegen den requirements…Du wirst Dich wundern, wie “overqualified” Du sein wirst.

    Ich drueck Dir ganz fest die Daumen und spring einfach rein…bewirb Dich fuer Stellen auch wenn Du glaubst, so ganz passen die requirements nicht zu Deinen Erfahrungen…Suesse, die werden Dich mit Kusshand nehmen. ;-)

    Good luck !!!!

  4. I also know that I can do any job that someone puts in front of me. A little guidance and off I go. But advertizing yourself is so hard!!! I think the key is to focus on the qualifications you REALLY know, inside and out. Totally blow those ones out of the water. As for the ones that you are concerned about, a little ‘stretching of the truth’ is appropriate. All you need to do is get yourself in the door and at the interview table. Then you can wow them with your abilities.

    Job searching is tough. I’m not a big fan. Good thing you can trade it off with watching TV! ;)

  5. Sweety, dont apologise!! You have alot to do and im sure all of your readers understand :-)
    I agree with Tanja, dont take the first interview too seriously thats more to get a ‘feel’ for you and your skills etc dont really come to the table until the second or third interview..and by then you have them won over for sure :-)
    Please let me know if you need help with your resume, I have written countless ones and think by now i got the hang of it pretty good!
    Good luck hun!

    Oh and please share the recipe with me, Keith is a big potato fan and im always looking for some new ways to cook them!

  6. Ach Maus, mach dich nicht so fertig! Die Firmen sind ja schon glücklich, wenn mal wer 60% ihrer Wünsche erfüllt! ;-) Denke die werden dich alle total gut finden!! Lass doch Jon dein resume machen, als Ami muss er dich doch gut anpreisen können ;-). Daumen sind gedrückt!

    Ach ja und oven roasted potatoes hatte ich letztens voll hunger drauf, also ich hätt gern das Rezept!

  7. DON’T underestimate yourself. You said, you KNOW that you can do any job. Just believe in yourself! Don’t get discouraged by job-descriptions. They usually describe the IDEAl candidate, but we all no, there is no such thing as an IDEAL person. You may not have every skill they would like to see in the person doing the job, but you may have some other great skills they haven’t even thought about. Go out there and prove the world that you CAN do every job. Because you can!

  8. thanks everyone. you make me feel so much better.

  9. hey sweets,
    i can relate tot he fact that you have to get used to watching x files. not my business really. but i guessed the more you are in the show the better you like it.
    i am pretty sure you don’t have to worry about anything during your job interviews. you have a great way to act and to get along with people and next to that you are talent. so don’t worry babe.

    it really feels surreal to read you entry. and i can remember how you felt. so my fingers are crossed that you will find something you feel well with.

  10. I agree with what a lot of the guys see here….apply apply apply. Get some interviews under your belt and then you are going to start to feel better about your skills and how you can sell yourself. :)

  11. ich glaube auch das die angst ganz norma, die hat jeder (ich auch). aber ich bin mir sicher das du das alles ganz doll packst!!! was du bisher schon geleistet hast ist doch einzigartig, wer kann das schon von sich behaupten? ich glaube an dich, du bist eine wundervolle person und ich bin mir sicher das das die leute beim interview sofort erkennen werden! ich drueck dich ganz fest!!!

  12. Quiet on the blog? That’s ok. I’m going through the same thing. I blame the project at work that I just finished, but maybe everyone needs a winter, not just plants. Speaking of work, I agree with the others in this comment section that say job descriptions are overblown and exaggerated. Don’t let them put you off. What sort of job do you want? If you are interested in technical writing, I can answer any question since I’ve been doing it for a long time. It is a good field for those who like to play with words (which you must if you started this blog!), teach others, and play with things technical (say, for instance, a blog!). Good luck!

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