De-lurk, lurkers!

Today is the day to admit that you’ve stopped by my blog, maybe even to admit that you’ve been reading about what’s been going on in my life for a quite a while now. While I know a lot of the people that come and read here, I would still love to have -even if it is a one-time- feedback from you guys who came across my site and never commented.

It’s National De-lurking Week and THE opportunity for you to make someone [that someone would be ME :)] really happy by telling me that you were here, how you came here and why you stopped to read my blog. Any comment would be really much appreciated :) I might leave you a comment as well then!

UPDATE: Come on, people, my site meter says 40 visits today and I only have 14 comments since yesterday? What’s going on?

  1. Delurking to say hi!! I found you through Nablopomo. Have really been enjoying your blog!

  2. I wasn’t lurking – I came by specifically to say Hi and have a great day!

    Miss you toniz sis!
    Love to you and J

  3. I thought I would delurk, cuz you made me! ;)

    I enjoy reading your blog because you’re real. I like reading real blogs by real people. Thanks for being real.


  4. I stopped by, because I do so every day! Have a good weeks! I should post that on my blog too!

  5. yeah I am stealing it too! What a nice comment by Hemlocl – you are a real person San! thats why we all love ya!!!

  6. I was here.. And didn’t get a souvenir ;o)

  7. well, sweets. you know me and that i stop by [several times] every day. and you know why, too. cause i *heart* you and you’re a great friend! *smooches*

  8. It’s boring me. :) Hope the weather is better in LA than in Grevenbroich!

  9. i confess, i read about what’s going on in your life! ha! :-*

  10. its me its me. i am a stalker! :-) i luv ya!

  11. I am a bigger stalker than Uti :-D

    Love ya!

  12. Hi Sandra,

    I’ll de-lurk, too :-). Found your blog through somebody elses homepage…not sure anymore who’s. I do know Maren through e.V. so maybe that was the connection.

    Anyway, I’m German, too…lived in the US as well and am now living in Ireland. Anything else you wanna know :-)?


  13. i’ll delurk. i don’t know how i got here in the first place. followed a trail of links, probably. but here i am & i read. =)

  14. I read! Hardly ever comment!
    Glad to have met you through 365 and find out we had blogger folk in common! :D

  15. Leaving a comment ’cause you said to…found you from Jen’s site. Liked the pict of you and your Dad too. Have fun. Take care.

  16. hi sweets,
    i am sorry i am commenting not that much lately and commenting late but am busy to deal with stuff and wasn’t really in the mood to be online.or even writing my own entry. so of course i wanna let you know i love reading your blogs. you are the person who made me start reading yours, and start reading other blogs and also got me started writing my own blog.
    sending you hugs

  17. Hi San,
    I am not delurking, as I try to always comment, but my sweet puppies are keeping me very busy! You know how it is when you get stuck holding a sleeping baby? LOL

  18. Hi San, you know I read your blog. :)

  19. Delurking….
    Hi, nice site!!

  20. thanks to all of you for de-lurking :) It’s nice to see who comes and reads here.

  21. You know I am reading, too. I am just addicted to your blog. What should I do. ;-)

  22. Yeah, I hate it when people visit and don’t leave a comment… some kind of feedback would be freakin’ nice! I love trackers… but I love being able to block even more!! Ha ha ha!! :D

  23. De-lurked and a first time visitor here via Sylvia.


  24. Hey san, i read your blog too

  25. Ah, you know that I am a regular. But, what a good idea! I’ve often had the same feeling on my blog: “Hello! Please talk to me! I want to get to know you, at least by name! Hello?”

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