Let the countdown begin…

I’ll be on the plane in exactly 14 days [unless the German Postal Service effs it up again and doesn’t deliver my documents and passport – but let’s just not think about that slight possibility].
Wow, it feels so surreal. I will be running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything ready in the next two weeks.
If I promised anyone of you to get together for some coffee or anything – please be patient with me and let’s just see if I can squeeze you in some time next week. Don’t take it personally, if I don’t have the time to do it. This week is crazy already and I’ll be pretty much gone every day!
It’s funny how I had sooo many weeks to prepare for this and now it still hit me like it was a BIG suprise! I think it’s just that the whole anticipation for the visa interview and the nervousness about its outcome has kept me from really thinking about the fact that I’ll be moving to the US in two weeks. For good [at least temporarily ;)]. As a permant resident.

You might have to remind me of this fact in the next two weeks again and again, because I won’t believe it until I have finally passed the immigration officer at the port of entry. Then, everything will be REAL.

  1. Wow only two more weeks! It’s kind of very close by now ;-). Really cool that you are going to be a permanent resident right away and get to work. Weeheeee! Hope you’ll get everything taken care of in these 14 days!

  2. cannot believe its only another 14 days and youll be with your man!
    dont worry about the coffee… would love to see you, but if it wont work out, ill understand!

  3. Maybe you didn’t believe it was really going to go through, so it was easier not to plan before the meeting at the Consulate.
    Don’t fret too much, it will all come together. I remember moving back from Berlin with all my boxes and luggage and closing up my flat! It was craziness. But it all got done.

  4. honey, i don’t even know what to say. this just made me tear up. maybe because… well, you know. me and the whole maybe moving to the US thing… it’ll all work out fine. try and not forget to relax through the next two weeks and enjoy. next time i will see you in CA. big, huge *smooch*

  5. OK. I won’t be sad if we don’t meet for coffee!!!

    YAY!!! So soon!

  6. SAN!!
    So glad everything worked out and the interview went great! Im so happy for you!
    And in 2 short weeks you’ll be with J again :-) What could be better?
    Hope you wont be too busy and take some time to relax as well!


  7. Take it easy, you’ll get everything done in time. I am sure. But I know what you mean: The night before I left (I had to get up at 4) I sat at my computer until about midnight to rip all my CDs to mp3s. Could I have done it before? Yeah, but that would have been boring…

  8. Now that you put the biggest hurdels behind you everything will be just fine! Don’t you worry!
    Try to enjoy those last weeks with your loved ones in Germany without being too stressed up!
    This is all so exciting! *Hugs*

  9. You and Kim and your flying to my country! There is just too much excitement going on right now! ; ) (hurrah!)

  10. sweetie, try to enjoy the time with your family next to all the things you gotta do and your local friends as much as you can. of course you had now more than a year to see everyone quite regular, but i know you will miss em all and won’t come back to visit too soon, right?
    i am really happy we were able to manage to get together before you leave.
    take that big hug from me

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