Happy Halloween!


I really want to carve pumpkins again. People get so creative with it. I found quite some interesting jack-o-lanterns searching for a nice halloween picture… have a look here and here and here. I really miss celebrating Halloween with Jon. Ok, I am not into the whole “scary thing”, but I do like the decorations that are put up and I think Halloween parties are kind of cool.

Tonight I am going to go out with my friend Ira. We haven’t been out together for months and we thought Halloween is a good reason to go out one more time [before I leave]. I am not quite sure what to expect. I’ve never been out on Halloween in Germany and frankly, I am not sure if it’s going to work for me, but I can tell you all about it tomorrow ;)
I am not going to dress up though. I don’t have a costume and I think dressing up half-assed is even more boring than not dressing up at all. But hopefully I can take some nice pictures for you of other people’s costumes :) Would that make up for the fact that I am a bore?

Have a great Halloween everyone… and [for you guys in the Catholic parts of Germany] enjoy the day off tomorrow!
Wikipedia tells us that “The term Halloween, and its older spelling Hallowe’en, is shortened from All-hallows-eve, as it is the evening before “All Hallows’ Day” (also known as “All Saints’ Day”)” which we celebrate tomorrow. So it kind of should be celebrated in Germany, too :)

  1. Happy Helloween!
    Have a great night out with Ira!
    In Sweden they cheated us on the day off tomorrow; All Hallows Day is here whichever Saturday closest to November 1 :-(

    But that doesn’t get me in a bad mood, since we just picked up the keys :):):)

  2. Have fun tonight!! The decoration is always the best part about Halloween I think. Of course Hamburg doesn’t have a day off, neither for Reformationstag nor for Allerheiligen. Oh well.. ;-)

  3. happy halloween! of course we don’t have off tomorrow even though i may just take my personal day off to get better! have fun with ira tonight, tell her i say “hi” and take lots of pictures! big *smooch*

  4. Happy Halloween!!
    Have a great time with Ira!

    Halloween is my fav holiday and hopefully we will find a party to go to, so i can dress up! ;-)
    And the dogs will of course be dressed up too, to meet little trick-or-treaters at the door!

    And all the leftover candy is MINE! hehe

    have a great day sweety!

  5. have a great spooky time!

  6. I think I like Halloween more than Christmas. I just love dressing up!

    I totally agree though, sometimes not dressing up is better than doing a half assed job. Then again, some dressing up at least shows that you have spirit!

  7. Have a nice evening out there. And thanks a lot for the halloween e-card ;)

  8. happy halloween, have you been looking it up at leo? because i was searching for the translation of allerheiligen. lol
    so i hope you guys have fun. i have never been to a real halloween party. and i guess i would only like the decorations like you and the kids part collecting candy. thanks for the halloween ecard, sweets.

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