Awesome weekends come with big news

This was a fun weekend. Kim got here Friday night and we went out to dinner at my favorite Italian place in my town. Remember how she was not meant to go out to dinner? So we had to make up for that :)
She had yummy Pasta frutti di mare [=with seafood] and I had a tomato soup and Insalata Gigli [= with tuna, onions and white beans] … not to forget, the yummy pizza rolls with garlic butter!

october 1, 2006 - day 10 We got up around 10 a.m. Saturday, had coffee and breakfast and were checking something
on the Internet, when my Mom checked the mailbox and was yelling up the stairs “Sandra,
here’s an important letter for you!”.

So know you can have a guess who it was from?! :) The American Consulate in Frankfurt!
We were flipping out… this is the letter I have been waiting for since the middle of July! It’s
such a coincidence, too, that Kim was here with me when I got it, because we had been
talking about the LDR situation for such a long time.

I have an interview appointment for the beginning of November. Yeah, it’s still about 5 weeks
and that sucks, but AT LEAST we have a date now! I probably won’t be able to fly out before the end of November which – also – sucks, but I think I am ok with it now. Like I said, AT LEAST we have a date and can start planning.

Ilka arrived shortly after lunch time and we had some coffee first and then Ilka did our hair. I needed a haircut very badly and I also got some new color :) It looks so much better now. [Thanks hun!]
We went out for some cocktails in the evening and caught up on the latest news :) It’s just fun to hang out with the girls :)

Sunday morning, after a yummy breakfast, we drove to Düsseldorf and had some coffee at Starbucks. Then we dropped Kim off at Pia’s and Ilka left around 6 p.m. [Thanks for the awesome weekend, girls!]

  1. That’s great news! :)

  2. YAY!!!! *Does the happydance for you*!!! Great, great news!
    PS: I love the new hair in your latest picture!

  3. Wow. That is SO awesome. I am so happy for you and I am glad Kim was there with you when you got the letter. Sounds like a fun weekend.

  4. YAY!! Im so happy for you!
    5 weeks might seem like a long time now, but trust me, now that you finally have a date – it will fly by ;-)

  5. Is it just me or did the entire weekend revolve around coffee??

    Fabulous news that you finally got a date!!! I agree with Sylvia, 5 weeks will fly by!

  6. @ hemlock : coffee is sooo good :) ;)

  7. Sannie, that is so great!!! Congrats!!! I am so happy for you and Jon! 5 weeks are gonna go by so fast! Don’t worry about that. So you’ll probably spend Thanksiving with your hun! That’s awesome!

  8. hi sweetie,
    it was definitely a wonderful weekend. i enjoyed the company of you,too a lot. and i am happy that i made you feel more comfy with your hair. and of course being there when the letter arrived:-) so i hope jon will be able to survive the next weeks.
    un beso para ti

  9. wooohooo! i think it’s no coincidence that the letter came when i was there – i’m good luck! :) i had a great time with you, sweets. maybe, maybe we can see each other once more before you leave, otherwise it’ll be in LA next time! *smooches*

  10. YAY!!!! i am so happy for you! :) great news!!!

  11. Woot! Dann könnt ihr ja Weihnachten zusammen schon gemütlich im Warmen feiern! toll toll toll!!! Freue mich echt dolle!

  12. Woohoo. congrats on the interview date! :)

  13. yeah! congrats on the letter~!!! how awesome!!! so cool!!!! FINALLY. and the weekend sounds also nice, glad kim was there to share the moment with you! big hug sweetie

  14. Thats great! At least you now can start planning and preparing to leave! Congrats!

  15. OHHHHH….SUPER….!!!
    Freu mich riesig fuer Dich / Euch !!!!
    Nun wird es schneller gehen, als es Dir vielleicht sogar im Nachhinein lieb sein wird. ;-) Was sind fuenf Wochen…mit Interview, Packen, Panik, bist du flux hier drueben. ;-) Dein baldiges “fuer-immer-Leben” ruft nicht mehr, sondern schreit schon foermlich nach Dir!!!

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