This is going to hurt…

…the postal service, that is.

I received a letter from the “Deutsche Post” [= German Postal Service = GPS] today stating that the certified letter that I had sent to J at the beginning of August had indeed not reached the recipient. What a surprise! It didn’t say anything about the whereabouts of my letter though. I mean, it had a tracking number after all and yet they obviously weren’t able to locate it.

J told me about two weeks ago that he had received a note from USPS asking if he had received the letter. WTF? I mean, would I have sent an inquiry if he had received it? Is this what they call “investigation”? Asking the recipient if he had gotten the letter? I could easily have done that myself [in fact, I did. What do you know!]

So, while “doing its investigations”, the German postal service just kicked back waiting for the note from the USPS stating that J hadn’t received the letter? Wow, I am “amazed” by the effiency of this tracking system…[NOT]!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the GPS sent me a form to file a claim and that’s what I am going to do. The letter had a value of $325 and that’s what I will get back from them, every penny of it, plus the postage. I didn’t send this damn letter by certified mail for nothing.

Ha, I win, and they lose!

  1. *shakes head* What a tracking system. I think the post is really bad at logistics and should find a field of business they are better suited for.
    Furthermore I personnally think $325 are too little for the problems this delay has caused you, but it’s of course the least thing they can do.

  2. I am astounded by the technology used to track letters. Technology is just developing SO FAST! I can’t keep up!

  3. wow, what a ridiculous story. make sure you get it all back. plus postage. plus interest, because it could have been in the bank weeks ago. tssss. unbelieveable…

  4. Speechless – how stupid are they ??

  5. YESSSS!!! Im so relieved that your actually getting your money back!

    Suck ass postal service man..that makes me reconsider about sending ANYTHING per mail anymore.

    Like I said, FedEX have been good to me…also DHL

  6. are you serious? thats completely ridiculous. how annoying!! i once sent a certified DHL letter to my ex named michael pressley and a john miller received it and signed the thing.. mmh.

  7. I had a run-in with the USPS last spring. It resulted in me crying in my local post office … which is why I can’t even buy stamps without a disguise of some sort! I’m so glad you’re getting your money back though!

  8. Bah, shitty DP! They’re starting to screw us all over. It took a letter from my Mom (who’s 2 hours away) from Saturday until Thursday to get here and my roomie’s letter from her Mom took 3 days, too! I think they just collect the mail and then bring it upstairs (6th floor the American floor counting way..) once a week. Suckers! Bloody suckers! Oh and my IKEA catalogue never arrived either. Ganrg!!! How dare they! Everything important will be UPS or FedEx from now on. There!
    They lose, you win!

  9. We sent something at work by Canad Post courier service a couple weeks ago to Thunder Bay, a couple hours flight away. It was supposed to be there by noon the next day (Friday). It finally got there on Tuesday. Canada Post had no idea where the package was for those four plus days!! They didn’t even bother offering an excuse.

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