You gotta be kidding me…

Remember how I mentioned HERE that I had received a package from my parents and that it had been opened and resealed and that someone had taken stuff out of it?
Well, after my Dad talked to people at the Postal Office in Germany and they told him that I have to file a complaint with DHL here in the US, I’ve been trying to talk to people from DHL about it.

Last week I emailed a few times back and forth with a lady from the “complaints department”. Apparently, I wasn’t providing her with the right tracking number for my package [although I gave her like all numbers that I could find on this package] and last Thursday, she decided to just not respond to me anymore.
So, I email the customer service and today I receive the following email in response to my complaint:

“Thank you for your recent inquiry. Please be advised that the tracking number (12 digits) which you provided appears to be a Deutsche Post (DP) number which owns the German Postal system. Unfortunately DHL-USA is unable to track any of the services provided by DP and there is no domestic phone number for inbound U.S. shipments. The international phone number is; 011-49-1805-345-2255 or log on their website at .

Sincerely, Service Inquiry/DHL-USA”

You gotta be kidding me! How can DHL make a deal with the German Postal Service to carry and deliver their packages, but NOT track their shipments? What kind of a deal [and responsibility] is that? Besides, we don’t need to track the shipment, because it magically arrived here… I just need to know who opened it and stole my stuff, and most importantly, who’s going to pay for it.

Here we go again… my history with the Mail Delivery Services won’t end.
I am just so pissed off.

  1. I HATE the post, I really do. I am soooo on your side with this. Keep fighting.

  2. man, that’s bulls*it! but you’re actually not the only one: pia sent a package with a little something for leni’s birth to nina & benny and when they got it (a week later!) it had been opened, the clothes were all messed up and the card she wrote was missing (!) . i told her about your package and that she should file a complaint as well. in her case it wasn’t anything valuable (moneywise anyway) but it’s still unbelieveable this happened. we’re not even talking an international package. this is duesseldorf to bremen! :O i hope you will get someone to pay for your lotion and stuff! *smooch*

  3. This is so f***ing unbelievable! *shakes head* Keep fighting!!! :smooch:

  4. Oh no Sweetie, I’m so sorry to hear. What feckers! Something your parents might try is saying “Wir sehen uns gezwungen zur Verbraucherzentrale zu gehen”. They don’t like them for some reason..

  5. this is ridiculous, you are right. anyway, i just read read and it made me think of you:

    dir ist doch mal was ähnliches passiert wo ein officer bei irgendwem (war es J?) angerufen hat und er ne andere aussage gemacht hat als du, gell? man das haste echt glück gehabt!!!!!

  6. ach mensch du arme! das tut mir leid…ich drueck dich ganz lieb aus der ferne! hoffe es klaert sich irgendwie auf, aber kannst du nachweisen das die sachen im paket waren? ich koennte mir vorstelln das sie da vielelicht auch noch stress machen..oh man. ich wuesste gar nicht was ich machen wuerde! unglaublich! hab dich lieb

  7. du hast aber auch immer ein pech. eines meiner packete (20 dvd’s!) kam OFFEN – also der Deckel hat quasi gefehlt – trotzdem war alles da. Alles. vielleicht habt ihr einfach nen beschissenen Postboten. Tut mir leid.
    HDL und freu mich auf unser wiedersehen

  8. That is SO screwed up! Good luck!

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