Need to vent

I am going to kill someone. Seriously. It’s probably not going to hit the right [= the responsible] person, but I don’t care at this point. I am so fed up with it. I said it before and I’ll say it again:

The postal service sucks.

Remember when they delivered my package with the wedding invitations to Jon’s parents about a month after our wedding? – although the person at the post office assured me that the package would not take more than a week – two at the most [and I sent it off in March!]. Jon’s parents had to send out replacement cards as wedding invitations, because they didn’t get the actual [= really nice] invitations in time, although I had sent them off 2,5 month in advance!

Then I’ve had problems with letters that I sent or should have received from a pen friend in Berlin. Within the last like 5 months, two of her letters never arrived, a third one got here after two weeks. I mean, seriously. What’s the deal?
I wrote a complaint to the postal service and they basically told me to fuck off that they are really sorry [blabla], but that there is nothing they can do about it because she didn’t send the letters by certified mail. Therefore, there is no way they can track back where the letters got lost.

Ok, so I am a smart girl and I learn from things like that. Jon asked me to send him a letter with some important documents a while ago and I was kind of hesitant because I was worried it’s going to get lost again. But hey, they just told me that a letter which is sent by certified mail has a tracking number and will be scanned and recorded at every postal office that it passes through, plus, Jon has to sign for it on delivery. It shouldn’t be a problem then, right?

So I sent a certified letter to Jon at the beginning of August. August, 8th to be precise. And do you want to have a guess? Right. You got it. The letter never arrived.

I am not overreacting. I told myself to calm down. Think. They said I can track this letter. So I typed the tracking number into the tracking system on the postal service website. “The letter must be stuck somewhere…”, I told myself. However, the only info I got was that the letter was deposited at post office XY on August 8th. [Ahm yeah, well , I know that. Thank you very much.]

So, I filed another complaint with the postal service and received a response that they are investigating the matter. I have yet to hear back from them. This is just ridiculous.

As you can imagine, I am pissed.

  1. oh no babe is it the letter that i think it is? that really sucks. i can’t believe you have so much trouble with them – especially considering that you were one of them once… fingers are tightly crossed that the letter will turn up soon. after all, it’s only been about six weeks and the package took 3,5 months… sending you a big hug!

    PS: hey, when i come, how about we kick some mailman’s ass? just for fun? we won’t hurt him (badly) – promise. :)

  2. Oh hun! I cannot believe this…actually I can, the postal service sucks ass but I cant believe shit like that has happend to you multiple times!
    I hope the letter turns up soon!

    Our mail-lady usually never shows up before 5 or 6pm and sometimes she doesnt show at all…I think im gonna let the dog out on here today just to freak her out ;-)

  3. i HATE the post with all my heart. I’ve had sooo many “incidents” with them. I would love to join Kim & you kicking the mailman’s but, we could to the same with mine (who never even thinks about using my bell and prefers to leave messages directly (so I have to go to the post office, although I was home waiting all day for him). What do you think?

  4. Jesus, I didn’t know you had a little potty mouth! But hey, I totally hear ya. Postal service sucks big time. I remember when I lived with Uti, the mailman never bothered to ring when she got a package because he would have had to walk up to the 5th floor. And my mama sent something important to my uncle once and he didn’t get it. So I told him to just go to the post office in case they “forgot” to leave a message when he wasn’t there (my friend had told me that’s what happens to her all the time) so he went over there and they actually had the package there for about a week already. I mean, seriously. These people should NOT be working in the customer service industry.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for that envelope to get to Jon soon.

  5. OH NO! Hun, I am sorry for that. I guess this is not your year… Have you heard something about your GC? Love ya, BIG hug

  6. thank you guys. you’re making me feel better. see, i really do understand that shit happens and that a letter can get lost… can happen to anyone, but that it gets lost EVEN THOUGH i sent it by certified mail just pisses me off!
    i’ll let you know how the story continues…

  7. … they wonder why email is more popular! Ha ha. ;) I am sorry… that sucks.

    … and yes! I wanna come visit! :D

  8. Oh hun, I am so sorry to hear that! And ANGRY!!! I so hope things are getting solved soon. Maybe you can use UPS or Fedex or so? They are working better for us!

    Funnily enough I just had an issue with the postal service regarding our company mail 10 minutes ago. You can’t imagine what kinds of things are happening with them here all the time since our company mails out about 100 000 postal surveys a year – and wants to get back 70 0000.

    Regarding the certified letters: I sent a check with my deposit to Au Pair in America in London once by certified mail. They never got it. I almost couldn’t fly out and would have lost my host family, if I wouldn’t have spent 6 days back and forth on the phone with different people. In 1993 there was no internet tracking possibility, so I don’t know who fucked up. But yeah, they offered 50 DM since they lost a certified letter.

    Sending over a big hug!!

  9. it is just RIDICULOUS that a you sent under special circumstances and it still got lost. i mean, i am sorry. that is their fucking fault. and if that happens to you not only once. i mean, cmon.
    so i will agree with kim, when we are coming over to visit you the post office of grevenbroich will have a party that kicks ass:P

  10. Maaaaan that sucks!!!! Go kick a mailbox! I mean come on. It might happen once but that often?!?! WTF..
    Next time it’s DHL, FedEx, or UPS I bet ;-).
    Smoochie! Hope you have something to be cheered up about, too!

  11. gosh. that is just crazy!!! i am so sorry for you!!! i hope he will get the letter soon!!! its just not fair. the wedding invitation thing is just another thing, this is like a one in a life time event, and you want everything to work out perfectly. gosh, you have every right to be pissed!!!

  12. That sucks. A few weeks ago I got a “Einschreiben” from Germany (by the way, they sent on Sept. 9 and it got here a few days later…. hope your letter will still arrive) and it was in our mail box. I didn’t have to sign for it. But on the letter it only says “Einschreiben” in German, nothing in English.. how would the mail man know??

    Oh, but one thing that came to my mind since you live very close to where my parents and also where one of my aunts lives: There have been problems with the “Verteilungszentrum” in that area for years!! A lot of people have been complaining about it…

    Well, good luck though!!

  13. !”§!(!”§&!”§(!”§(§”$&§$&!/!! i hate the post too, i’d be so pissed as well. i HOPE that the letter shows up!!! it is definetly ridiculous. next time go with another provider. when in 99 was in the us there were 3 letters in 3 months that never arrived me and havent showed up till now, but those have only been letters, not containing important documents. i understand your anger, i really do hope that your letter arrives!

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