1. awww, what a fun bunch in the first picture :-) i’m glad you had such a good time. it sounds like you enjoyed every minute of it. i haven’t been to berlin forever but i’m sure i’ll go eventually once C is here – he loves that city.have a good rest-of-the-week, sweets!

  2. i remember a few of the ex nkotb girls;-) i am glad you had such a blast in berlin. me, too. shame we weren’t able to meet. but i will see ya on the weekend then:-D

  3. Oh, what a packed and obviously fun weekend! :)What about some coffee next week? :) I am available every day, apart from Wednesday… that’s Robbie-Day! :)

  4. ihr wart doch wohl nicht etwas in meinem lieblingscafe???OHHHHHHH wehe dir! ;-) ja das ellchen das ist schon ein schatz. tolle fotos!!! und die mauer ist nur 7 minuten von meiner alten wohnung weg…und ich war nicht da. HEUL. lieb dir

  5. @ ute: welches ist denn dein lieblingscafé?? ;)

  6. Aww Im glad you had such a fun weekend!! I love your pics! Made me miss germany ALOT.
    Hope you have a wonderful wednesday!

  7. Wow, that sounds like a really nice and fun weekend!!
    Any news on your Visa/Green Card?

  8. Oh wow. That is awesome! :D I love all these photos… and yes, you were quite a group of girls there indeed! :)
    So how might you feel about being a pen pal? If you want, you can email me your mailing address! :D

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