This is so frustrating

I don’t know if I am doing it the wrong way, but I am looking for a job and it doesn’t seem very easy [especially since I am only looking for a job for until Christmas right now]. I applied for two office jobs yesterday, but one was already taken and for the other one they asked me to fill out the complete application form on the website (of a temp agency). I don’t know if they’ll get back to me.
I don’t feel good just being at home all the time. It’s not that I don’t like having free time [I always find something to do – believe me], but I just don’t feel good not earning any money right now :( so I really want to do something. I just hate looking for employment. Both the discouraging aspects of it and the self-promotion combine to make me feel very strange about the whole thing. I never really had to look for jobs – they basically always popped up for me, which makes it even harder for me. Any suggestions where I could look for a job?

Today it’s really nice and sunny outside and I feel like I can’t even enjoy that… I know I am very edgy right now, so please -Ilka and Kim- tell me if I ever start taking that out on you this weekend. I am trying to be more positive about my situation, but it’s tough.

Gerald hasn’t gotten back to me about my last email. It’s been 2,5 weeks again. This is just unbelievable. He’d better be working on my recommendation letter! I think I have to call him again.

  1. first off — if you really take your mood out on us, then that’s what you do. we both want you to feel better and if listening to you bitching, then that’s what we’re gonna do (right ilka-maus? :-D ) — i just wish there was more i could do to help you :-( … second — the job-thing. don’t worry. noone i know has ever found a job within just a couple of weeks. we have a blackboard on our bremen-site for nebenjobs, maybe you have something alike for duesseldorf and cologne? or how about schuelerhilfe? they are usually looking for people and you’re not only great with kids but also fluent in english and certainly in other subjects like geografie?? we’re gonna come up with something on the weekend. don’t worry! alles wird gut – weisst du doch :-)dicker and i’ll see you tomorrow! {v}

  2. Ach Mausi :-(. Am besten geht das mit Jobs immer über Bekannte glaub ich. Oder tingel mal durch die Stadt und guck, ob irgendwo Aushilfen gesucht werden. Inventur ist auch bald, aber meist erst so Sylvester. Habt Ihr eine Hochschule bei Euch? Da hängen manchmal auch Nebenjobs aus.
    Kann mir gerne mal Deinen Lebenslauf angucken, wenn Du willst, aber ich glaube für Nebenjobs ist das eh nicht sooo wichtig.
    Drück Dich ganz lieb!

  3. das ist ja krass dass der typ sich wieder nicht gemeldet hat. zum verrückt werden! mir sind die jobs bisher auch immer irgendwie “zugeflogen”.. ich würde beim bewerben an deiner stelle nicht sagen dass du erstmal nur bis ende dezember suchst.. drück dir die daumen!

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