Time to relax


So I spent Friday with Kim. It was great to have her here with me. We had a fun day relaxing in our backyard, playing SPF, chatting, reading and just enjoying the nice weather. I did my best to cheer her up after feeling so down all week.
In the evening, we had a BBQ with my parents and afterwards I took her to Mönchengladbach for the last-minute rehearsal for Pia’s and Mike’s wedding. The other guys were already “singing and dancing” when we got there. I bet they had a whole lot of fun at the wedding this weekend :)

Saturday morning, my Mom usually goes grocery shopping at a local farmers market and then meets up with some girlfriends for some coffee :) She returned with a nice gift for me yesterday: workout pants from Tchibo. I thought they were so cute.
I love that store. It’s almost as addicting as Ikea. They have changing product lines and they have everything from clothes to electrical equipment to home accessories. It’s awesome and usually good quality.

The rest of the weekend I really took it easy. The temperatures were still well above 90 F and I didn’t move any more than I had to. I read my book, worked on some letters and just hung out in the backyard. Oh yes, and I have this new obsession: Sudoku. Have you played it yet? It’s quite addicting. My Mom, my aunt and I spent the whole afternoon on these puzzles. With some cold drinks and snacks it’s quite a bearable pastime :)

  1. Sounds like a relaxing weekend. I’ve tried Sodoku a few times, but I’m not patient enough to see it though.

    Nice workout pants! I need some like that!!

  2. I’ve seen the game for sale in a catalog but don’t know what playing it entails.

    Our temperatures are very similar. I have resorted to darkening a window where the sunlight comes in during the late afternoon and evening — I hope that helps! It has been just waaaay to uncomfortable here. Stay cool as much as you can!

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