Photo of the week: Rosegarden

Foto der Woche

Hello photo lovers. What’s been up in your part of the world this last week? I am so excited to share my ‘Foto der Woche‘ with you again this week and I am very much looking forward to seeing your photos!

Without further ado, here’s my Glücklichmacher #17:

Photo of the week: Rosegarden

Rosegarden (taken April 29, 2014)

It was a beautiful day yesterday and I went for a walk at the park after work. The rosegarden is one of my favorite places in this town. There are so many different kinds of roses in a whole range of different colors. It’s quite lovely.

  1. Ich kann es förmlich riechen… wunderbar :)!

  2. Love your perspective in this photo!

  3. It must smell amazing too!?! :-) Your feet are so tiny in comparison to those roses!

  4. Oh goodness I do love springtime.

  5. So pretty! Also I love your sandals. :)

  6. WOW! What a beautiful picture!! I just love roses…my favorite!!

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