The first snow…

yes, believe it or not, we had the first snow last night. It’s unbelievable. We hadn’t had snow in November for many years (as far as I can remember… and when I was in Germany ;)), so it pretty much came as a surprise this morning when I looked out the window. It was really windy last night and I woke up several times because it was raining so hard, but obviously there were also some soundless snow flakes trickling down. It definitely feels like winter now and it’s right on time, I guess, one week before December.

The good news… I’ll be online wireless again soon :) My Dad decided today to change our DSL rate and get a router, which means I’ll be able to surf from my room again. Awesome! Not that it bothered me to check my mails in my parents’ office, but it’s definitely nice to be able to sit in my room and keep the Internet running all day. Right now, only one person at a time can be online due to a stupid switch-port that is managing our connection. Yeah, I know, you can make me happy with little things these days.

I am going to Köln tomorrow to meet with one of the German girls I met in Davis. She returned home in August and told me that she’s really “homesick” and if I would like to meet with her since I am the only one who understands her feelings ;) I am looking forward to seeing Regine again. We will suitably meet at Starbucks :) and of course, I would also love to get the chance and stroll over the Christmas market for the first time. I really like the one in Köln. I hope you’ll all have a nice weekend. Keep warm.

  1. It also snowed here, I think usually it doesn’t snow until December here as well. And yay for wireless. I have wireless here and I just found out my landlord will upgrade to DSL 6000 which is awesome. Fast downloads here I come. (We have DSL 2000 now.)

  2. Hallo Sannie, na wie isset in Köln? :-) Hoffe Du hast ne schöne Zeit. Schnee im November finde ich jetzt nicht so klasse, … bin nicht so n Fan von Kälte. Schön dass Du jetzt von Deinem Zimmer aus online kommst *thumbs up* :-) Hab’ nen schönen Sonntag!

  3. Oh yay wireless!! Awesome! I wish I had that.
    I hope you had fun with Regine! Were you affected by the Jahrhundert-Schneechaos? Keep warm Honey and drink lots of tea! ;-)

  4. sweets, hope you had a good time in cologne. i was thinking of you yesterday wondering if you were affected by the power-outage down there? hope you’re okay and online and warm ;-) counting the days, girl. 5 to go :-D

  5. lucky you!!! Snow :-) What fun! I am sure its much more fun to be pregnant in the cold than in summer which is what is almost here for us! I hate summer – I just spend the whole time looking for places with air conditioning lmao!
    Hope you had a ball on the weekend and enjoyed the xmas market and catching up with your friends :-)
    Love ya and miss ya most

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