We’re having a blast


J and I at the Schützenfest [local festival] in my town on Saturday. We ended up staying till 4:30 a.m. celebrating and drinking with Nina and Dirk and some friends.

  1. hey,
    i´m so glad you´re finally with your hubby again!! You both seem so happy in the picture. Looks like you´re really enjoying you´re time together. I´m really happy for you!!How long is he staying?
    Have a wonderful week!!!

  2. @caty: he’ll fly back on friday :(

  3. So great to hear that! Enjoy your time together :-)

  4. why so short?? Oh well, enjoy your time together :-D!!

  5. Awwwww, that looks just like married life is supposed to look like: the happy couple together! :)
    Have fun!!!

  6. *smooches* to both of you. enjoy those last days and after that, i’m sure it won’t take much longer for your GC to come. fingers are crossed! :)

  7. oh, and update the count already ;)

  8. So glad you guys are having a blast!! You look SO happy in the picture :-)

  9. Aw, how happy you look. Schützenfest rocks! Have a few more great days, honey!

  10. hey sweetpea i am glad you are enjoying your time with your hubby. for some reason i can only see the pic on the bottom nothing above. is that normal? prolly not. have fun and enjoy the time and like kim said: i am sure you waited for the most time. smoochie

  11. cute picture! enjoy the time you got :) and hopefully you will go to america (and stay!!) when you see him the next time.

  12. Thanks hun, I appreciate it! You can take your time though, its not urgent ;-)

    I downloaded this template and then copied and pasted the text into the template section on blogger. The template download also came with 3 pics and the instructions say i have to upload them to blogger…so thats where im stuck…im not sure where and how to upload them

  13. very cute! so happy for you two!! enjoy as much as you can!!! love ya

  14. ohhhh wie süß ihr beiden! bin so glücklich dass ihr euch wiederhabt! wie lange wird er bleiben oder geht ihr dann zusammen zurück?? sorry aber bin grad nicht so im bilde as you know hehe

  15. Looking good !!! ;-) ;-)

  16. You guys look so cute. I hope you were able to enjoy your time together.

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