Nothing, nada, niente…

I haven’t heard any visa news, if you were going to ask. Sure… I want them to do something for me, so maybe I should call them every day and get on their nerves, but on the other hand, they asked me to keep working for them, so why do I have to take the initiative over and over again?? :(Why can’t they keep me in the loop of what’s going on (even if nothing’s going on)? This is just so unfair.

Monday afternoon, my Mom and I went over the border to buy coffee and tea (yes, it’s still less expensive in Holland than in Germany :)) and stopped on the way back at my aunt’s tavern (she lives close to the border). We had to pick up the stuff that my sister and my Mom ordered at this tupperware party and we spent some time with my aunt and my cousin.

Later that night I had a nice long talk with Kim [thanks sweets for listening to all my crap!] and we talked about getting together in Düsselorf this weekend and possibly a visit in Bremen next week :) That would be awesome!

Yesterday, I visited my former piano teacher, Mrs. Schmidt. I hadn’t seen her in over 3 years and it was just wonderful to get together with her again. She is 92 years old and still “fit as a fiddle” :) and a very lovely old lady. We had coffee and cake and talked for 2,5 hours. She showed me some old photo albums and repeatedly said how much she loves to remember the times when I came for my piano lessons ;) It was very special for both of us to see each other again.

  1. jep, to be honest i was gonna ask about news… :rolleyes: this really, really sucks :mad: and i agree on that they should be putting a little more efford into finding a solution. after all, it was them who asked you to work for another year or two and made you change all your plans. and now they leave you alone with all that crap… that’s just bullsh*t :mad: :mad: on a lighter note :wink: it’ll be great to get together and see you in bremen next week :fun: . oh and also: i’m here to listen to you ANY TIME for as long as you need to vent. but you know that, right? and chin up. i’m sure it’ll work out one way or the other!!! fingers are crossed! :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

  2. ?:heartbeat: love ya??:heartbeat:
    ?(Du bist genau das Gegenteil von mir: Aszendent Waage, Sternzeichen Fische, sehr witzig??:lol:; und dein Jahreshoroskop sagt:
    “… auch im Job wird nur dann etwas daneben gehen, wenn Sie zu ungeduldig auf Dinge reagieren. weitsicht und Diplomatie sind dann wie immer die besten Berater…” )
    ?:heartbeat: Susi

  3. ach mausi,
    sorry, dass ich dich heute so abwürgen musste, aber hatte heute nachmittag voll den stress. scuza.wie wir 2 hier ja heute schon pläne ausgetüftelt haben, bietet sich vielleicht ne möglichkeit rüberzufliegen und wenigstens cathy zu sehen und natürlich deinen süßen. und von da aus weitersehen.
    ich habe es übrigens geschafft mir nächsten samstag frei zu nehmen?:spinning: freuheu…. und somit verbringen wir die nächsten beiden wochenenden. ist dat nix?????:laugh:freu mich auf dich and will cheer you ya like crazy

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