Good times

Wednesday night we decided spontaneously to check out the Hard Rock Café Downtown… we just felt like it and J hadn’t been there. I had the Chicken Club Sandwich – always a good choice (and you’ll always have leftovers to take home ;)) and afterward we walked around a little bit. It’s really getting warm over here, guys!

I had an amazing birthday… the best surprise was a call from my best friend Cathy from Sydney. OMG :) I couldn’t believe she called… that really made my day! We hadn’t talked for …ahm… quite a while, mainly because we thought it’s really expensive to call overseas (as it used to be) and because I was coward and didn’t feel comfortable talking in English on the phone… well, that was quite a while ago and I fortunately managed to overcome my fears and become confident talking in a foreign language ;) It was so awesome to talk to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You rock, girl!!! )

J was really sweet… he got up early to get fresh pastries for me for breakfast and he got so many that I could take some to work. When I came home, he had a cute little surprise for me… a gift bag with a lovely card and stationary stuff :) and he got me an apple pie from Bakers Square (because he knows I LOVE it!!!). I also get to go shopping tomorrow which will be FUN!!! We made delicious fajitas for dinner and then spend a cozy evening on the couch watching 4 episodes of SATC and “Legally Blonde” ;) I had some Mike’s Hard Lemonade and some pie later… it was a fun night!!!

Of course, I would have loved to celebrate my birthday with my sister and my family and friends… they all had gathered at Nina’s place and they called me at work and I talked to at least 10 people *lol* :) it was nice though… and tonight we’re invited to a party and I will secretly make it to my “birthday party” *hehe* :) ;)

  1. Sweetpea I am SOOOOOOO sorry! I totally forgot about your b-day *wein*. Kannst du mir nochmal verzeihen? Bütte bütte!

  2. Awww I didn’t know it was your birthday! Happy birthday then! Glad you had a great time :D

  3. it’s only 179 days now :-) I am also glad ya had a great birthday and it was truly awesome to get to speak to you again :-)
    Also send my best wishes and hugs to Nina… hope she had a lovely day :-)
    missya and love ya tonz

  4. @ Sanna: Thanks for your cute e-card… of course, I am not mad at you! ;-)

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