Happy (belated) 4th of July!

So, what did you guys celebrate your independence from?  I was thinking, I wanted to celebrate my independence from my job for the summer :) (although I am technically still working). I am really looking forward to going home for a couple of weeks and I am finally able to start the countdown 21 days from today!

We had a fun long weekend over here. On Thursday, Jon’s Mom came to visit for a few days. She took us and Aaron and Maria out to dinner that night and we went to the “Café Italia” in Davis – they have the best Fettuccine Alfredo anywhere (although I had a Chicken Caesar Salad  ;))

It was a fun night! Later Jon and Aaron played a little “concert” for us in the apartment. It was really cool!

Friday we slept in and went out for breakfast later. I had a Belgian Waffle with Strawberries and Cream! In the afternoon, we went shopping for a little bit and then went to the movie theater and watched “Star Wars – Episode III”. It was kind of fun! I am starting to put the pieces together :) although I must admit that I am very critical with the whole series. As I hadn’t seen episodes IV-VI before, I didn’t know that Aneken would turn out to be Darth Vader, so when I learned this during the movie, I frankly was very surprised. I also felt that his transition to the “dark side” was too fast – I mean, he’s this very ambitious Jedi knight and then -within minutes of the movie- converts to be the apprentice of the Dark Lord.
Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be so harsh with my criticism, but I just can’t help it :) I like movies which are coherent! I still enjoyed it though!

We had pizza for dinner and since the pizza guy messed up and delivered the wrong pizza to us, we got a gift certificate for another free pizza. That was a pretty good deal ;) After that we watched “The Aviator” on DVD (yeah, that was our movie day).

Saturday we went out for breakfast again (did I mention that Americans like to eat out? ) and then we had pretty much the whole Saturday to ourselves, because Jon’s Mom left for the Bay Area to visit some friends.
In the evening we drove to Davis and had a BBQ in Scott’s backyard. Aaron and Maria came along and then there were Stoyan and Claudia and another German guy, Frank, a friend of Scott’s. It was a fun group and we had a good time (despite the mosquitos that bit me quite a few times *argh* :(
It was supposed to be half of a “bookclub meeting”, so we went down to the basement later to watch the movie of the last book/play we read (“The Iceman Cometh” by Eugene O’Neill). None of us realized that it would be a 4-hour-operation *lol* (well, since it was originally a play there was not much to cut out in a movie version).
I must admit that I dozed off once or twice, although I thought that the movie was really good. When we left, it was 3:00 a.m.!

I spent most of Sunday writing letters and emails at Maria’s place, because the guys were playing music in our apartment. We had Chinese food for dinner *yummy* and I tried to explain the German school system to Aaron. God, I never realized how different it is! It’s almost impossible to compare it to the American System. We started talking about it, because I had heard about home schooling (which doesn’t exist in Germany – there is compulsory school attendance).

Yesterday, Jon’s Mom came back to stay with us for one more night before driving back to Southern California. We hung out at home in the afternoon, I even took a swim in the pool (there were NO kids in the pool yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised :)) and then Jon and I went shopping for dinner.
We watched another movie after dinner (we had just found out that Comcast offers free movies that you can order – without commercials :)), so we watched “The Freshman” with Marlon Brando and Matthew Broderick. Pretty good movie!
At 9:30 pm we went outside to watch the 4th of July-fireworks – it felt a little bit like “New Year’s” for me :) it was nice though.

I think I might have mentioned earlier that I have to get my University diploma translated *sigh* anything else you could tell me last minute??? :(
I realized that I had never received my transcript for my Physical Education exams, so I called my University last night (morning for them ;)) to ask for a copy – and you know what? It’s been 1,5 years since I graduated, but the lady at the administrative office still remembered me and – take this! – she even remembered my home address (my parents’ address) from the top of her head! I was speechless! You know, this is what I am talking about – there are competent people out there, who take their jobs seriously and know what they are doing! That’s a relieving thought!

  1. Wow, that is so sweet of your registrations lady!!??:eprop:?:eprop:
    Mmm, pizza and chinese food! Mmmmmmm! I’m getting hungry! Very hungry actually! ;)
    Take care Sweetpea! Love ya!

  2. What a freak out that the registration lady remembers your address lol! I remmeber it too :-)
    sounds like a lovely weekend :-)
    awesome that you have your flights booked :-)
    Love ya and miss ya like crazy

  3. sounds great your long weekend. i tried to call you @ home sunday around 1 pm your time but i guess you were out already :( oh well, one of these days.. :) i didn’t realize the school-system was that different. you’ll have to tell me more when we get together [sounds great, doesn’t it) :-D have a great, short week. how many days are you gonna go in? still full-time until you leave? :heartbeat: you lots!!

  4. Your weekend sounds??:goodjob:, cool that registration lady remembered your adress!??:eek: most of the people don’t remember anything… hope you have a great week??:wave:?:sunny:

  5. What a jerk that lady!?? How many adresses does she have in her head???
    Did Jon tell you about my “plausch” with him? Very interesting..??:wha:??
    ?:heartbeat: Miss you babe!!?:heartbeat:

  6. well, how could anyone forget about you anyways????:laugh: your weekend sounds great! isnt swimming in the pool just awesome? i have kids in it all the time though…lol. love ya!??:heartbeat:

  7. O LOVE LOVE LOVE your nre dwsign! It´s gorgeous!!! Aren´t this the Forever Friends stars? Sooooooooooooooo cute!!!
    Love you tonz, hun {v}

  8. awww. pretty pretty new layout!thanks for your nice words.??:) have a good rest of the week!

  9. @ sanni: you got it, girl! these are the forever friends stars

  10. hey gur,where did you get that awesome skin from? love it. another hello from good old nyc. it freaking rocks over here. weather isn’t that nice. but well… you can’t have it all,right? try to drop you a line later. sounds like you guys had a good time on july 4th.;-) that’s nice. i am looking forward to go to boston tomorrow. but ny is also very cool though. i would to come here more often…..:-Dlove ya with all my heart

  11. hey süße! Cooles neues design??:goodjob: lovies?:love:

  12. @ ilka: the skin is just a background that i downloaded it’s cute, isn’t it? glad you’re having such a good time in NYC! miss you.

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