The last few days…

I didn’t really do much, but I still would like to update you after the disturbing news yesterday. On Wednesday, I spent the whole day at home. I had some coffee with my aunt in the morning and in the evening I visited Sabine, another one of my friends. We had a nice evening, made spinach pastries for dinner and caught up on the last 1,5 years ;)

Yesterday I tried to organize stuff in my room and in the afternoon, I took my Mom to a doctor’s appointment. I wanted to go shopping while she was there and bumped into my great-aunt and -uncle. They invited me to coffee and pie :) and we waited for my Mom to join us.
Last night I made some phone calls and watched some TV. Nothing too exciting ;)

  1. Ah sweetie, hope some better news arrive soon!!?:heartbeat:

  2. hey sweets,
    sorry i didn’t came back at msn again yesterday. but i had 2 longer phone calls.?:shysmile: and after that i went to bed. i am really crossing my finger for you to receive better news. and i am really looking forward to meet you tomorrow.?:giggle:?:giggle:?:giggle:??:love: ya

  3. aah… kim… you’re post is gone…??:cry: i don’t know what happened… anyways, thanks for your comment

  4. oh, weird :wha: what did i say? probably something about how nice it is that you have the chance to do all those family things while you’re here and how i’m crossing my fingers for your visa-stuff to work out and on the other hand (kinda silently and only if things work out in the end) hoping for it to just take a little longer so we can get together one more time before you take off again and about how i wish i could come this weekend, too… must have been something like that ;-) :-Doh, and i’m sure i said: {v} ya and have a great weekend!

  5. PS: i was probably one of ilka’s longer phone-calls :shysmile: as i needed some distraction from waiting for the phone to ring and/or the right time for me to call… sorry ’bout keeping her for me ;-) but you’re gonna have her almost all weekend, so :giggle:

  6. Das ist ja mal echt scheiße mit dem Visa, dir bleibt aber auch nichts erspart, oder??
    AAAAber: Alles kommt wie es kommen muss, du bekommst dein Visa schon noch! Ich glaube da ganz fest daran!!
    Miss you??:heartbeat:

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