Busy last week…

today it’s official… my last day of work (for the time being) and guess what, my boss is out of the office *lol* First I thought we could have a group lunch today or something, but nobody behaves like I am really going anywhere (I decided to work in July anyways -though without pay, but they’re going to pay me back when I start with my work visa), so it’s not like this is the last day that I am around. It’s still kind of weird.My boss wanted me to finish up some things this week, so I was quite busy the last three days and didn’t get home before 6 p.m. last night.
The visa stuff still causes some trouble (don’t ask me what’s going on… I don’t even want to go into it), but I’ll have a meeting with my new sponsor next week to go over the application for the H-1B visa. I hope everything works out with my J-1 status – the two-year home requirement that is.
Also, I might have to get my university diploma translated – does anyone know a place to do that by any chance?
I still haven’t booked my flight yet [yes, I know… :(], but I’ll definitely do that before the weekend. I am shooting for the 25th of July.

OMG, and then Cathy told me that she read that Joe is doing a small show in LA in two weeks… I really, really want to go, but it’s on a Thursday and I don’t know if I will be able to go that day… also, we probably drive down to Southern California the week after that (as I might catch a flight from LAX on July, 25th) and it would be a lot of driving in two weeks.
Honestly, I am hoping he’ll do another show like that in September (when Cathy is here :)), so we can go together.
On that note: Joe didn’t make to the final last night in “Dancing with the Stars” :( the judges just didn’t seem to like him and Ashly all along the way and yesterday after the scores they were in last place again.
The thing is that even with the highest public vote (3 points), it would have been hard for them to make it into the grand finale… because then John and Charlotte (in first place) would have had to have the lowest public vote to be even with them.
Bummer! I thought they were so marvelous together! I am still going to watch it next week, as all couples will be there again and perform a last dance :)

Btw, Jon’s Mom is coming up to Sacramento for a visit today. She hasn’t seen our place yet and is really excited. We’re going to spend a few days with her. The weather is supposed to be really nice (ahm… hot) the next few days, so we’ll see how that goes.

Love you all so much… and have a great weekend!

  1. hi.. ich lass mir meine zeugnisse und diplomas bei https://www.wes.org/?umschreiben.. hab gehört die machen das am besten. für mein abi krieg ich da z.b. ein high school diploma und für meine ausbildung ein associate degree ;-) wünsch dir ein schönes wochenende und hoffe es klappt alles so wie du dir es vorstellst. lg steffi

  2. Hi Sis :-)
    Oh well about Joe’s concert – maybe next time – besides it probably wouldnt look good to Jon to have you drool over TWO other guys in a span of 3 weeks (Jason AND Joe??:nono: ) though I fear for Joe’s life should he do a concert in September lmao – can you be loved to death lmao but that would be soooo awesome
    What would be even MORE awesome is if you get to be back in the states by the time I get over there… would fate REALLY be that cruel??? I am thinking that Fate couldnt be THAT cruel so we will be alright – your visa stuff will be a breaze from here on???:rolleyes: really thats what I predict from how on?:goodjob:
    Joe out of DWTS sucks SOOOOOOO bad??:cry:??:cry:? but because I can see the silver lining in EVERYTHINg – I would say its good that he didnt win because he should be known as an all out entertainer not just a dancer :-)
    A good sign that noone is treating it like your last week… see they all KNOW you will be back lol work without pay will suck though – but shows everyone how dedicated you are :-)
    Speaking of dedicated I better go do some work lmao
    Love ya and miss you like crazy :-)
    Ps – We have made it to the 60’s lol 69 sleeps to go LMAO?:laugh:

  3. hey sweets, it’s great that you can work a little bit in july and get paid for it later on. i know you probably would have been bored to be off for that long. and i’m SO EXCITED when i think about how soon i will see you!! and the other chicas :fun: it’ll be a blast!! have a great 4th of july weekend and a godd time with your mother-in-law-to-be :laugh: . maybe we’ll get to talk again one of these days. :love: and

  4. ?hey schneckchen,
    i am really excited for you to come. i can’t put in words. really. but i really keep my fingers crossed that you get everything together. kind of a shame that you weren’t able to celebrate your official day with your boss and co-workers. but hopefully just because there is nothing to celebrate cuz you are going back. lol
    that joe is kicked out DWTS is such a shame. i mean, seeing none of those episodes but i mean, we all know how he is able to dance. (remember wildest dreams…lmao?:lol:) well honeybun, tonight the orakel will come over so i am probably not online. but maybe i will reach ya on the phone this weekend.
    love ya to death,

  5. Einfach mal so ein *muntermacherwirdallesgutunddumachstschondasrichtige* Smiley:

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