Am I a lucky girl, or what?

Look what Cathy pointed out to me…


If everything works out and I catch the plane back to Cali on September, 9th, I’ll be back right on time to see Joe perform in Hollywood again :) This is so awesome! The bad news: Cathy will be on the cruise to Mexico at that time (she’ll be leaving on the 12th), which means that I can’t go and see Joe with her :( It would have meant so much to both of us, since Joe is pretty much the reason that started our friendship – so to speak.
It’s really great and bad timing at the same time…

Yesterday morning I went to see my doctor to get my blood check again. I have been taking the pills for my iron deficiency for over two years now and I wanted to know if I still have to continue the treatment.
Afterwards I went out for breakfast with my Mom. We met with some friends in Mönchengladbach.
We also went to IKEA and I bought a CD-shelf for only 6 Euros :) I thought that was a pretty good deal!

I spent the afternoon and evening at home, which was pretty nice, and worked -as you already noticed- on my layout a little bit ;)

This morning I went out for breakfast with my friend Ira. It was the first sunny day in a while and it was great! We went to this really cute café called “Am Tulpenfeld”, which used to be an old farm house [Gut Birkhof], which nowadays accommodates a golf club, a restaurant and the café.

We had a really nice breakfast and enjoyed the sunny weather!

Now I am home and I’ll have to help my Mom prepare dinner later. It’s my great-aunt’s “saint’s day” and we’re going to have family dinner tonight!

Hugs and Kisses.

  1. awwww :sunny: – and of course there’s none of that to be seen here in the north :mad: . again – i’m ready to get outta here :lookaround: . about the joey-concert that’s really a bummer. i know you two yould have loved to go together. but a cruise… not a bad trade-in if you ask me :wink: . well hun, i’m really sad this weekend won’t work out. i could use a little distraction, but i TOTALLY understand! and you’re gonna have a great time!! but i’d like to make an appointment for a phone-chat while you’re still in the country. how’s that? :wave: HDGDL :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

  2. hey…yes the sunhine is here,too…hopefully it won’t say goodbye too soon.?:) do you know what i think now that i have seen the first actual photo of ira she looks familiar. for which airline does she work? maybe i flew with her…?:p oh, this morning i posted how? cool kim did your layout…outch…..sorry hon…that was all you.i am so sorry. YOU did a fantastic job.?:yes: really am looking forward seeing you soon again. i sit here having a lil coffee break and watching in the mirror and i definitely have to change something on my hair it is disgusting….?:eek:
    ?:heartbeat:ya for being you?:wink:

  3. yeah… the??:sunny: is GREAT… no worries about thinking that kim did my layout. i couldn’t have done it without her little hints :wink:ira works for lufthansa. it could easily be true that you were on one of her flights :lol: so funny!btw, i don’t think that you’re hair is disgusting at all… i like your hair, esp. the color! think about what you want to do to my hair, because i definitely need some professional advice here!
    ?:heartbeat: you hon!

  4. hi cutiepups!!! that place looks really nice!!! and i am glad you liked that i sent you some sunshine, because therefore we had rain here all day yesterday!!!??:laugh: big kiss for you!!!??:heartbeat:

  5. Hi Sannie??:love:, love your new layout! Alright I am jealous, not enough that you are going back to CA in a few days but you will go to a concert to hollywood??:yes:?:goodjob: . The pictures you posted are really beautiful, looks like you have a great time with your family and friends!??:sunny:?:)?:love:

  6. I can´t believe it??:eek: Joe is on stage while Cathy is in the States and she can´t join you!!!!! This is really unbelievable! How cruel can destiny be??? I bet Cathy would give up the Mexico cruise for seeing Joe together with you!
    You really made the best out of this sunshiny day??:sunny: I would have loved to spend the day better than sitting inside my office, waiting for the day go by??:jealous: Well, and in the afternoon I got a headache and slept for two hours??:rolleyes: BUT this is just the beginning and we´ll have sun for at least three weeks…yeah, Sanni was speaking??:wink:
    Have a wonderful day today??:heartbeat:

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