Loriot rocks!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I personally think that Loriot is the best German comedian of all times :) and most of my relatives -e.g. my sister and my aunt- agree with me.
Just imagine the following situation: My parents, my sister, my aunt and I are sitting at the dinner table. We are talking about this and that and all of sudden my sister says “Ich mach uns ein paar Schnittchen” [engl: “I’ll make us some sandwiches”] and my aunt replies: “Ja, mit Ei… mit Ei und Wurst”. [ yes, with (boiled) eggs … eggs and cold cuts] and the rest of us is roaring with laughter. You won’t find that particularly funny of course, if you don’t know that this is a typical quote from one of Loriot’s skits.Since these situations are very common in our house, we had decided to have a Loriot-video night on Monday. My sister, my aunt and my cousin came over and my Mom and I “prepared some sandwiches with (boiled) eggs and cold cuts”. Then we sat down to watch some of Loriot’s parodies. It was hilarious… :)

By the way, I can’t believe how much my cousin has grown up! He’s 14 now and I hadn’t seen him for about 1,5 years. When I left for California, he was a child, now he’s grown into a real teenager. When I went downstairs to say “hi”, I thought “Wow, who’s that guy with that low voice?”… and then he came running at me and threw his arms around me. I was so touched! He really is like a little brother to me… and my aunt told me several times that he missed me a lot!
I also met with my friend Ira on Monday. She had been on vacation and just got back last weekend. That’s why we couldn’t see each other sooner. She picked me up around noon and we went out for lunch. We went to this really great Mongolian restaurant, “Mongo’s“, at the Düsseldorf harbor. They usually have a buffet where you can pick out one of many sauces and different ingredients and then they freshly cook whatever you put in your bowl.
The food is always delicious and they also usually have a variety of very exotic meats, e.g. Zebra and Kangoroo meat, and fish. I didn’t dare to try it though. I usually stick with chicken or beef  ;)
We had an awesome time together. It actually felt like I had never been away.

Yesterday we had our neighbor over for coffee and pie. I bumped into her last week on the street and she told me that she had heard from my sister that I had been in the US for such a long time.
As kids, my sister and I used to spend a lot of time at our neighbor’s house, because we babysitted her children and I used to work for her husband, a veterinarian, during summer break.
So she had the great idea that we should get together for coffee some time. We had a truly awesome afternoon and talked for hours!
In the evening we were invited to a birthday dinner for my Mom’s friend.
Once again another “full day” in Germany *lol* and I love it.

  1. hat er den amipulli extra fuer dich angezogen????:laugh: wie suess, ja er ist cute. ein bissi jung, aber hey das macht uns ja nischt aus, oder?????:lol: seems like you are enjoying yourself over there, thats good, but you are gonna come back though, right??? lieb dir kleene??:heartbeat:

  2. me and my friends wanted to have a loriot-evening like that for years! but we never got around to actually doing it yet.. did you know that i was an extra at the theatre for a loriot show [different skits] after highschool for a few months [actually up to when i left for the US]? that was a fun experience :-D and i’m glad you’re enjoying your time in D so much. any news about the visa? :heartbeat: :love:

  3. I love Loriot! Sooo funny, I also love the cartoons, like with the dog that can talk, hahaha.

  4. loriot is hilarios…we could do that on that weekend in bremen girls, whatta think? nina really got blond!!! haven’t seen her in ages. the pic with your cousin is really cute. is that the one you are iming with at msn? like telling you that he missed you and that you are like his old sis and telling you private stuff??:wink: sorry i didn’t call back yesterday…guess…yes damn clients. and then i had to join a tupper party. yes , i was blessed..i know sorry!!!try to catch up with you laterz…love ya and miss ya like tonz

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