It was the most normal thing in the world…

to meet Sanni yesterday :)
I can’t believe this day was finally there! We had talked about it for such a LONG time.We’ve been writing emails/letters for about 1,5 years now and I knew we would get along just fine :)
When she opened the door, she was exactly the way I had imagined her [you know, sometimes people look so “different” in photos than in real life].
There was no awkward silence, no distance between us and it was the most normal thing that I was there. First I had to meet her rabbits, Leo, Lilli and Rahn, and of course the hamster, Elvis. They were all sooo adorable and Sanni let me give them some treats. They were so cute nibbeling on bananans, apples and zwieback.

Then we went shopping for breakfast and I don’t even know what we did afterwards… the afternoon went by in a blink of an eye. When I looked at my watch for the first time, it was 5 p.m. already. We had talked for a while, looked at photos and did some scrapbooking… oh yeah, and we were silly, too, taking photos… *wink*
I was just amazed how fast time had gone by. At 6 p.m. Sanni’s boyfriend Sebi came home and it was the same with him… it felt like I had known him for a long time already. He cooked dinner for us [a very, very good lasagne which was delicious :)] and then we walked over to Sanni’s parents and spent 2,5 hours just talking about their trip to Florida, my life in California and this and that. We had a great time.
At 10:30 p.m. we finally decided that it was time to go home, because everybody but me had to work today ;)
We had an absolutely amazing time together and I have no doubts we’ll have more fun times together!! love ya, Sanni!
And here it is finally: our first photo together


  1. 100% agree…there´s nothing to add??:lol: It was a wonderful day, and I am so glad meeting you again next weekend together with Ilka, Kim and Ines who I expect to be as awesome as you??:heartbeat:
    P.S.: Thank you for choosing the photo of us I liked best??:love: How did you know???:wha:?:lol:

  2. can’t wait to meet you gals in just a few days!!!!

  3. Perfect, that`s how “blind dates” are supposed to be??:goodjob: !!!
    And have fun the next weekend girls!! I have to work on both days??:jealous:
    ?Cathi: I guess we are the only ones who are not there that weekend??:cry: – at least I am not alone
    ?:heartbeat: ya !

  4. @ Susi: just take the weekend off and come over , Susi, we can share whatever I´ll eat and drink??:)
    btw: Uti can´t come, too, as well as Cathy. So you´re not alone AND you´ll see San soon, too, won´t you???:heartbeat:

  5. I hope so??:spinning:
    I can’t just take the weekend off, I am the only one at work so that?would’nt be?good for the kids that no nurse is around??:lol: Anyway have an awesome weekend!!
    We’ll see us everybody at the marrige from Jon and Sandra???:p – sooner or later (?:love: ya Sannie??:spinning:)

  6. oh how nice. i hope our first date will be the same way. hehe. sounds terrific. i am also very jealous. sniff.??:heartbeat: but glad for the two of you!!!! love ya hunny

  7. That sounds like a great day! These pics are great??:coolman: – see you SOON??:yes:?:love:?:wave:

  8. hon you look so different on the first pic with sannies rabbit. really different. funny. and i love the pic of you both

  9. Gosh its been a while since I have read up on everyones diary??:eek:?:eek: well you know how much I loved hearing about yours and sanni’s meeting :-) sooo happy for you both??:spinning:
    Love that pic of you two and love the one you sent me too :-)
    Love ya hun – cya soon

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