These feelings won’t go away…

I am restless. I’ve been staying up till three in the morning lately, because I can’t sleep and then, once I sleep, I won’t wake up for 10 hours. I don’t think it’s a late jetlag. I am really nervous right now and I can’t stop contemplating whenever I am awake, so I think my body just keeps me in “sleeping mode” as long as possible once I managed to fall asleep.
The whole situation is really frustrating right now, because nothing is really moving forward… I know that I have to talk to my parents at some point. I just have to figure things out with Jon first.

I spent the weekend at Ilka’s which was awesome. It was good to get away and have a girls’ weekend with lots of talking ;) I think we talked for 7 hours straight and then fell into a coma *lol* time was -as always- too short, but we’ll see each other again soon. My Mom made “Martinskuchen” in the afternoon yesterday and we had my great-aunt, granddad and some family friends come over. Martinskuchen are yeast dough-cookies (with or without raisins) baked in hot oil [very yummy!]

  1. i’m thinking of you sweets and sending a big – wish there was more i could do though…

  2. i am sorry babe, please try to get some rest…sniff. poor you! :-( i send you a big big hug and i hope you feel better soon, ok? miss ya

  3. hey sweetie,
    sorry that i am just posting now.i loved that weekend, too and sure it was too short like always. thats why i invited you because i had the feeling that it would be nice for you to get outta there.:-) you’ll be outta the routine quite soon again:-)
    i am keeping my fingers crossed that you are able to figure out a good plan with jon and then have a good basis for you to talk to your  parents.
    love you sweets.

  4. Ah a weekend with Ilka sounds great!
    I totally understand that you are restless. It’s like we can’t take our thoughts of the future for once until it’s all clear. Hmpf!
    Hope you are able to sleep better!

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