Look at these blue eyes…. *aaahhhh*


How can you NOT like this guy?
I watched “The 100 greatest kids’ stars” on VH1 this weekend and Joe was one of them… so cool! After I missed to tape it the first time, I found out that they ran the show again today and I managed to be online on time… so I taped it!
They showed some old NKTOB footage and a short new interview with him. Seems like he has a lot of air time on TV right now :) not that I mind :)

I had a nice and relaxing Sunday… didn’t really do much. Talked to two friends and my Dad on the phone this morning and then made some breakfast, watched TV, worked on my homepage… these kind of things.
I think I am going to watch one more episode of SATC and then go to bed. It’s Monday again tomorrow… :( weekends always go by so fast… but Jon will be coming back tomorrow :) so I am happy.

  1. OMG he is such a gorgeous man??:love: and its soooo awesome that he gets airtime at the moment??:sunny: make sure you dont tape over it before I get there lmao!?:lol:
    Thanks so much for posting his pic… I was having a bit of Joe withdrawal lmao
    I am almost over my monday thank god – it started with a little tiff with Greg on the way to work and got worse from there *Sigh* but its almost home time??:fun:
    Love ya and miss ya like crazy

  2. jeah, he’s not really my type. i mean, whateva that is… but he’s not too hot to me. taste is different, i guess. even with NKOTB my favorite was always donnie.. but the eyes are pretty. :wink: glad you have jon back. sleeping alone is no fun :( :heartbeat: ya girl.

  3. ?:p?:p?:p now i know where cathy stole that goooooorrrrgggeeeooouuuussss picture. it always reminds me why i always loved HIM. and i will steal it now. right now…..?:p?:p?:p good, that you survived your lil break from jon. and sure you are more than pleased that he is back.?:yes: so the??:sunny: is back at home. ;-)
    have a wonderful day, pumpkin??:heartbeat:ya

  4. As I said in Cathy´s diary: Joe is a cutie, I have to admit :-DCan´t wait to talk to you about the work shop. As we have some character traits in common, they might have the same roots. I feel really irritated about what I heard about myself…will tell you tomorrow, hun! Love ya so much {v}

  5. I am soryr Did someone just admit that Joe is a gorgeous man *or sex on legs – which I think Ilka called hime somewhere lmao* ?? I knew it wouldnt take long to turn Sanni into a Joe fan ;-0 its the brain washing that does it!! San and I have this thing where we can send vibes to people so that they fall in love with him…. MORE importantly have you voted yet?? no?? then go vote!!! lol

  6. @ Cath: yeah, that’s what we do… converting people and making them fall in love with joe… but hey, it’s all for your own good… and have i mentioned? go VOTE!

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