Back in Cali…

Here we are. I can’t believe the wonderful week in Boston is over again. Good times always go by soooo fast ;) but hey, at least I am back here to tell you about it.Last Sunday was great. I took the “T” and bus in the afternoon to meet with my friend Annie. It was one of my “blind dates” again :) Annie lives in Chelsea, a suburb of Boston and it took me about an hour to get there… I accidentally left the bus a few stops too early and had to walk a bit to find her apartment house.
It was her birthday on Saturday, so she had a nice get together with some friends. There were her sister Caroline, her friends Tara and Sarah and I. We had a nice afternoon, talking about this and that, explaining how we all met Annie *lol* and then we ordered some pizza for dinner. Afterward we lit the candles on her birthday cake and she had to make a wish :) and then we had some cake for dessert. It really was a fun time. Tara gave Caroline and me a ride to the “T” station and I got back to Cambridge around 9:30 pm.

The next three days were all about more sightseeing. I went to see Harvard Square, Cambridge, Kenmore Square, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, the Harbor, Quincy Market, Downtown Crossing, Newbury Street,… just to give you a slight idea of what you can do in Boston! The greatest thing is – as I mentioned earlier – that you can do everything by foot! I walked soooo much during the last week… it was awesome! :)

Tuesday night we went to see a Baseball game @ Fenway Park! It was my first Baseball game in the US… believe it or not! I’ve always wanted to go, but never managed to get tickets. So I was really excited to finally go and see a Baseball game LIVE… and it was very special, because I got to see my first game in Boston :) after the Red Sox won the World Series last year! It was amazing! The score was 8:11 (unfortunately they lost this time after leading the game up to the 8th inning!) and that’s a really high score for baseball… which means there were a lot of hits and runs = a lot of action :) I bought a really nice Red Sox shirt for Jon!

Wednesday I did some more souvenir shopping and got a nice Boston sweater and a photo frame at Quincy Market.

I also wanted to buy a Boston puzzle. One shop had a really nice skyline photo as a puzzle and I decided to get it on the way back to the “T”, so it wouldn’t get rained on… and then the store was closed! I was so disappointed! :( I was thinking, maybe I can get it online or something.

Thursday was the day to say “good bye”. It was kinda sad to leave Boston again already… time always flies when you’re having a good time. The flight back was smooth though. I am always afraid of turbulence.
We got back to Sacramento at 7:00 pm (local time) and we made some chicken and rice for dinner and then went to bed.

I had to work Friday which wasn’t too bad as my boss was out of the office, so I had a nice, quiet day to start work again! Friday night we watched the Playoffs. The Kings were 0:2 behind and really needed a victory that night pretty badly! And they won! I knew they could do it… as soon as they start to play as a team (as nearly no other NBA team does!), they can win everything!!! It was an awesome game!

Tonight is the next game and they have to win that, too… but I am confident since they’re playing at home at Arco Arena again and that will give them an extra boost! :) I am so excited about tonight! Keep your fingers crossed, would you?

The whole weekend was just relaxing… I went shopping for stationary stuff yesterday (which is always fun :)) and I am planning to do some more scrapbooking today (although I can’t wait to get prints from my Boston photos!!!). I’ll post them soon!

  1. Hi Sis
    Sounds like you had a great time :-) I am glad you got a chance to go to the red sox game :-) must have been a ball!
    Glad you’re back :-) We missed ya
    {v} ya

  2. Oh I love your Boston souvenirs! So glad that you had a great time! Let’s see the piccies!! ;)

  3. Good to hear that your vacation fullfilled your expectations – or even beat it! Can´t wait to see the photos :-)
    As Cathy said: we missed you {v}

  4. hey, good to have you back and glad to hear you had such a good time. and {v}

  5. finally you are back! i guess i messed up the dates! lol. ups. did you hear my message?? ;-) love the picture frame!! so sweet. i love boston as well, as i already told you. so maybe we could meet up there one time??? hehe. send you hugs and from berlin, love ya, uti

  6. hi sannie! oh man das hört sich echt gut an! Will jetzt auch ma nach Boston :-( und der frame ist echt total süß :-)
    So werd ma die pics abchecken ;-) bin schon gespannt. Schmatza

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