Lumpy is soooo cute…

OMG. Have you guys seen “Pooh’s Heffalump Movie”? (Sanni, I know you HAVE)… it’s so adorable! Netflix finally sent it and we watched it last night… and I loved it :) I just couldn’t stop commenting on how cute the Heffalump was… especially when it (?) laughed. And Jon really liked it, too, and said it had a really nice message… like that you shouldn’t have prejudices against people that are different and that fears can be overcome!And then… at the end… here it comes Sanni… Pooh was riding on the Heffalump! I think I need to explain that, because Sanni and I have been arguing for quite a while if there is a scene in the movie, where Pooh rides on the Heffalump. Jon and I had seen it in the trailer on TV, but Sanni said that there is no such scene in the movie.
As it turned out, it’s only at the end when they show the credits where you see Pooh standing up on the Heffalump to reach a bee-yard for the honey and then Pooh is riding backwards on the Heffalump and hide behind a little bush when the bees come after them :) It’s so adorable.

I have some other great news: They shipped our “baby”, the notebook, today *yay* which means that it could arrive any day now. I am so excited :)

Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me ;)

@Cathy: Thank you so much, hun, for your call last night. It was awesome to talk to you again :) and we can go on and on… *lol* Only 106 days to go… I can’t wait.

UPDATE 7:20pm: The delivery for the notebook is scheduled for tomorrow *wohoo*

  1. Morgen Kinder wird’s was geben, morgen werden wir uns freun!!??:fun: Da weiß ich ja jetzt womit du dein WE verbringen wirst ;-).
    Ich glaub den Film werde ich auch mal in meine queue packen.??:love: Netflix!!!
    Na gut Maus, ich geh dan mal???:sleepy: habe morgen wieder einen langen Tag vor mir. Uarg!??:whocares: night night°

  2. Beides ganz, ganz großartig??:) Freu mich wie blöd – und wehe, wir sehen uns am Wochenende nicht online??:lol:
    Hab dich??:heartbeat:

  3. ?:)
    Kennst mich nicht, aber ich lese immer fleißig mit und hab Lumpy im Kino gesehen. Zwischen mir und den anderen Besuchern bestand, abgesehen von deren Eltern, ein Altersunterschied von 20-15 Jahren, würd ich sagen…??:lol: aber der Film war echt soooo süß. Und lehrreich auch ein bißchen, oder???:wink:
    Wünsch dir ein schönes Wochenende!

  4. honey, SO HAPPY for ya :wink: i know the wait was hard for you and now i can’t wait to hear how much fun you have with it and thanks for your mail {v} did i mention HOW EXCITED I AM??? well, I AM!! :-D *bearhug*

  5. ?:eek: coooool! i hope it will arrive tomorrow! have a great weekend with your new notebook??:)

  6. ?:lol: I still can;t believe Jon watched it AND liked it lmao
    Loved talking to you too sis – its only 102 days now lol but who’s counting?:yes:
    I love this little guy??:fun:?:fun:?:fun:?:fun:

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