Romantic train rides…

I am almost done with packing my little suitcase and I’ll be off to a wonderful weekend soon. I am looking forward to get away. I will visit my friend Anke who has just recently moved to Kiel from Rostock and we’ll have a wonderful girls’ weekend together :) I’ve never been to Kiel (the farthest north I have come in the western part of Germany was Hamburg – I have visited Anke in Rostock before ;)) and I am really looking forward to seeing some more places in Germany!
I am going to take the train [thanks God I booked in advance and got a pretty good deal, because train tickets are so f***ing expensive :(] and I am really looking forward to the train ride! I get this nostalgic feeling when I sit on the train and see the world pass by outside my window… I made myself a nice care package and hot tea and I’ll just enjoy the “me-time” This is only true of course if I get a window seat and won’t have to sit on my suitcase in the aisle…[I didn’t want to spend another 1,50 euros per train (!) to reserve a seat since I am changing trains a few times].

I hope you’ll all have a wonderful weekend!

  1. Have lots of fun Sunshine!! Must be a pretty long train ride from Cologne to Kiel. I’ve never actually been there but my sister, Anke, has a god-mother, also Anke, who lives there. Funny, eh?
    Lots of love!!

  2. have a good time, sweets. you deserve some distraction and fun! {v} too bad you won’t be able to stop by in bremen, but i understand… :( we’ll see each other soon anyway!

  3. have a wonderful time in kiel. one of graziellas friends moved to kiel couple of years ago. and she loved it everytime she was there.
    the only thing you have to survive is no internet through the whole weekend. lol…
    have a blast, sweetie and yes fresh sea air will clear your thoughts. i am sure.
    love ya

  4. Hah -ohne Worte *lach* – ich kenn eher den Fall mit den eingeklemmtem Koffer… :-D
    Ich wünsch dir gute Reise und genieß die Landschaft dort – ist echt traumhaft!

  5. sounds nice.. you have a good weekend too! :-)

  6. have a great weekend hunny! sounds great!!! i love kiel, what a pretty city that is! so enjoy and i read you after your trip. kisses. love ya

  7. huhuhu! hope u have a nice weekend in kiel!!My cousins live there and i think its one of the ugliest city in the north! sorry ute ;-) hehe nevertheless hope u doing alright! lovies, mary! :-)

  8. how was your weekend in kiel? :-)

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