This is just outrageously disgusting…

I was channel-hopping on Monday night and came across “Fear Factor”… has anyone of you watched that before? (I don’t even know if they broadcast this show in Germany, but it’s basically the same as these shows that we have where you get a lot of money for doing really repugnant things.)
I am not a big fan of these shows anyways, but if people want to test their courage to make money… fine! They can sit in a basin of snakes or try to do something in a certain amount of time, but what I saw on “Fear Factor” literally almost made me puke.
There were teams of two people and the “game” was as follows:
On a table there was a big basin of bugs, worms, and other insects (which in itself is not so bad), but then one person had to take a mouthful (and I mean a mouthful!), spit the insects into a meat grinder, grind the insects and the other person was lying underneath this meat grinder, had to catch the grinded insects with the mouth and spit it into a bowl… and the team who had the most grinded insects collected in the bowl won!

Hello? Is this just me or isn’t that just disgusting?? I literally wanted to throw up…I mean, just imagine watching that! I am honestly shocked how far people go and that they show that on TV! When is enough enough??

No notebook news… :( the notebook is in “boxing status” since Monday morning, which just drives me insane. How long does it take to put it in a box? I hoped they would send it off earlier than expected, but I don’t think so… I guess I have to wait for at least another week *sigh* Am I impatient, or what?? ;)

Jon and I made great BLT’s and watched the Western Conference Playoffs Final last night and after that more Sex and the City *yay* that was fun! We also got -guess what?- the “Heffalump-movie” in the mail yesterday! It was too late to watch it, but we might watch it tonight :) (@ Sanni: I’ll let you know if Pooh rides on the Heffalump in our movie version :))

I hope some of you have a great holiday tomorrow, the rest of us… have a great day at work! ;)

  1. seriously, how long does it take to put a notebook in a box and bring it on the way?? :fun:also: I JUST BOOKED!! :love: :yes:

  2. Ewwwwww! Does the animal control not say anything against grinding bugs???

  3. now that we talked on the phone for nearly 3hrs?:giggle: my f*** anti virus programm is still working. didn’t know i have that much files on my comp.?? well, yes we do have fear factor in germany. but that shit you explained to me is just yew….warum erfindet eigentlich keiner keinen kotzenden smiley. ich finde der ist oft anwendbar???:lol: hilarious what people do for money. yeah, sometimes you really can’t imagine how hard it must be for a company to put a notebook in a box.??:nono: i really hope you will have it soon.{v] ya and??:wave: ya later

  4. lol they tape Fear Factor at Universal Studios – we were gfonna try and get tickets to watch a taping while we are there l??:giggle: guess you arent interested lmao

  5. @Cath: are you serious? You wanna go and watch THAT live?? Well, I guess I could go for a walk meanwhile??:lol:?:laugh:

  6. that story was yuck… why did you watch it????:whocares: I would have changed channels right away…
    concerning the notebook, maybe they are running out of boxes??:lol: oh ok, i hope they will hurry up!??:shysmile:

  7. @Ines: I didn’t really watch it for long… but you got the idea pretty quickly??:whocares:

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