Who else had a fabulous weekend?

I arrived in Bremen at Kim‘s on Friday night at 9 p.m. – being late. The stupid train had stopped right before Bremen for an unknown reason [well, according to the announcement there had been people on the tracks, but who knows if you can believe that] and this delayed my arrival for about 50 minutes.
Kim had already cooked dinner for us – a delicious potato-vegetable-casserole- and we sat down and ate and talked, followed by watching some episodes of ‘Friends‘.

Saturday, we started the day with a yummy breakfast, lots of coffee and some more “educational TV” [aka “Friends”]. Just what we both needed to take our minds off all the stuff that is causing our frustration right now. As the weather was kind of crappy, there was really nothing else to do than stay at home and distract ourselves ;)
In the evening the sky cleared up and we decided to check out the Viertelfest – a little street festival in Bremen.

We met with some of Kim’s friends, had some drinks and some yummy crêpes for dessert and strolled around.
Kim picked up these two cute guys on the way [or did they pick up Kim? I don’t remember :)… oh, I think they just wanted to be in the picture].

We got home around midnight and decided that we’re officially addicted and couldn’t go to bed without more “Friends”, so we got comfy on the couch, had some tea and snacks and watched some more.

Sunday was the laziest day of all. We slept in late and then hung out on the couch and the day pretty much went like this: relaxing – talking – more “Friends” – more talking – more coffee – more “Friends”. In the afternoon, we made yummy rice pudding [Milchreis] with cherries and just enjoyed each other’s company. It felt so good being comfortable around each other while doing nothing at all and still knowing that the other one is there to listen and talk if you feel like it :)

Today we got up at 10 a.m., I took a shower, went over to the bakery to get fresh rolls and then we had breakfast together and talked some more before I had to get ready to catch my train. The weekend went by so quickly, but it has been the best weekend in a long time. I think I speak for the both of us if I say that we definitely both feel ‘re-charged’ for a little while.

PLUS, I got to enjoy some more “Friends” on the train ride… thanks to my notebook and Kim who gave me some spare DVDs that she doesn’t need anymore since she owns the box set with all ten seasons [thanks hun!].

[P.S. I apologize if you have seen some of these pictures over at Kim’s blog already, but we somehow didn’t manage to take many this weekend].

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you two can just hang out so comfortably together. It really is special.

    As for the guys, THEY’RE HOT!!!

    Milk-rice with cherries? Yum. That sounds awesome. Haven’t made rice pudding in ages!

    I’m really happy you two had a good time ‘recharging’.

  2. Cute pictures! Glad you had a good time.

  3. Im so glad you guys had a good time!!
    Cute pics, thanks for sharing ;-)

  4. Sounds like a niiiice weekend! So great to hear how you two enjoyed eachothers company! Good friends mean so much!

  5. hun, what can i say? it was AWESOME to have you here. even though i still feel burnt out and a little “blah” it definetely helped a lot to chat and take our mind off of things. it was definetely the best weekend in a long time!

    also, what was with those guys? :) they were too funny. to clarify for everyone else: san was gonna take a picture of me with those cool discolights at the wall you see in the background when the guys just came up, grabbed me from both sides, got it the picture and left. we didn’t exchange more than one or two words. it was pretty funny :D

    BIG *smooch* and HDGDL

  6. hey, glad to hear you guys had such a fab time and those lazy weekend and of course friends helps a lot;-) love those pics. and especially kim with those dudes:P

  7. I´m glad you had a wonderful weekend. Hope you both feel a bit better now!?
    Pretty pictures! I still can´t believe you are 30. Seriously you look not one day older than 25!
    And those guys (actually just the one on the right) are hot! (ups did I really just say that ;D )

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! I am also completely addicted to Friends … I watch the reruns on TV AND watch at least one on my DVDs every night. There must be a 12-step program for this!

  9. Yeah, those girlie sleepover weekends are the best! :)

  10. thanks for your nice comment the other day. im glad you had fun with kim and hope you wont have to wait for your GC much longer. the first link to kims blog doesnt work btw ;-)

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