Our weekend

Well, it’s Monday again… what can I say?

The weekend was great. Although it rained. Yeah, what did I expect anyways? Saturday… Picnic Day was ok though… it didn’t rain too much. There were so many people on Campus. I couldn’t believe it. We walked around, listened to some bands that were playing and explored all the different things that were going on. It was fun! I wish we would have stayed a little longer, but J didn’t feel like it. So we went home and watched a movie.

Yesterday we had though about going to the Bay Area, but we ended up staying at home, because it was raining so hard. It was kind of cool, so I spent half the afternoon under the blankets that was nice and cozy! Later J and I decided we had to get out despite the rain, so we took a long walk and got another movie. We watched “Timeline”. Has anyone of you read the book? Well, the book is much better… the movie seems to be ‘rushing’ through the contents of the book. It’s too bad, but books are always better than movies. Lesson learned.