24 hours and we’ll be gone…

in fact, we’ll be on the plane right now somewhere over the mid west I suppose :) we’re flying over Denver, so it’s a little bit of a detour, but that is better than flying from SF or Oakland which would be an hour drive or more and we also would have to pay for the parking garage for one week. Not a good idea. It seems like we can take the light rail to downtown tomorrow morning and then catch a bus to the airport from there. That would be just perfect (I am surprised that it works out with the schedules of public transportation! We’ll have to leave at 5:15 a.m. and it will take us a little over an hour to get to the airport, but at least it’s possible!).I just talked to Annie, a friend of mine, who lives in Boston. We’re going to meet up for the first time ever, so that’s going to be exciting. It’s her birthday this weekend, so it’s perfect timing since we’ll be there for her little birthday get together ;) I am still not sure what to get her, but I hope I’ll have a sudden inspiration before the weekend :)

Monday night we watched another kings game, the last but one before the play offs. They played the Utah Jazz (a loser team) and lost – I couldn’t believe my eyes :( they just couldn’t get a basket! It was terrible to watch this disaster. As the Kings have clinched the 6th position for the play offs, it doesn’t really matter, but it would just be nice for self-confidence if they wouldn’t lose the last few games before the play offs. They’re playing the Phoenix Suns again tonight and I just hope they’ll sweep them off the court! Then Brad Miller and Peja Stojakovic will be back this weekend for the play offs (they had been injured), so that should make things better as well.

You won’t believe it, but I am still dealing with the tax stuff. I know, I said I wouldn’t bother you with this anymore, but I just have to vent to someone. I’ve been on the phone for the last hour (!) trying to talk to someone from the IRS who can help me to complete form W-4 (which I have to file with my employer to let them know which amount to withhold from my paycheck). Well, actually I sent this form to my employer already, but she had some questions about it and I had a question, too – but don’t think it would be easy to be connected with a competent person (it’s just their job!). I’ve been transferred at least 7 times, until I talked to someone who knows something about form W-4. When I mentioned that I am a nonresident, he was like “Oh, I am sorry, I don’t know too much about that -  we’re pretty busy right now due to tax season and we don’t answer cases which require special handling. So I can either put in your call and someone will call you back within 3 days or you call back next week.

I mean – I’ve been on the phone for an hour (!) and they can’t answer my questions? Saftladen ! (= which means “juice store” which we say in German if you have to deal with a bunch of incompetent people :)) Since I am going to be out of the office (have I mentioned that before?), I won’t think about it till next week, but THEN I’ll call back and get on their nerves until they can answer my fucking question! I am so great in dealing with these people over the phone by now *hehe* I will get my answers!

Have a good week… and I’ll talk to you ASAP.
Boston.. here we come!

  1. Woohoo – you really are getting around and meeting alot of your penpals and online friends huh? Thats fab :-)
    Ya know whilst you are over there in Boston having a fab time…. I am working all day Saturday??? how fair is that?? lol not that I begrudge your trip to Boston… but can I come too???? :-)
    I can’t believe that the IRS keep you on hold for an HOUR and then say “sorry we are too busy to help you!” WTF!!!! totally unacceptable – people in Australia wouldn’t even both going to the ATO (our version if IRS), for their own personal tax they would go to a tax agent (because like the IRS – the ATO are full of incompetent people)… hmmmmmm anyway I hope you get it all sorted soon and dont even THINK about it while you are away :-)
    lol at you and Jon getting upso early….. but at least you get to sleep on the plane :-) is it a long flight?
    Anyway sis – hope you have an AWESOME trip – can;t wait to hear all the details…. don;t forget to have a piece of Boston mudcake for me ;-) mmmmm yummy!
    Love ya tonz and miss ya more

  2. @ Cath: I would {v} you to come? to Boston! (btw: to get a heart, type { v } (without spaces ) Do you think you can call in sick for a day or two? LOL I can’t believe you’re working on Saturday again. Crazy! I’ll be thinking about you…
    Don’t get me started on the IRS… I won’t think about it till next week!
    {v} ya tonz and miss you more,

  3. Gosh that tax stuff sucks!
    Habt ganz ganz ganz ganz viel Spaß in Boston!!!!

  4. honey, i don’t know if you are able to read this before you leave otherwise i will send you a text message saying goodbye. have a great time in beantown and give annie a big hug. i am so jealous that you get to see all those awesome places. have the best time ever and a great time being away from that tax crap.
    miss u tonz, baby

  5. a) listen to you “sweep them off the court” :-Db) that tax-crap is unf*ckingbelieveable. but i won’t even get into it..c) HAVE A GREAT TIME & I’LL MISS YOU TONS!!!huge hugs & say “hi” to jon ;-)

  6. i wanna come with you to boston! sniff. take me with you!!!! have a great time!!!! i miss you already!! kuss kuss and hi to jon from me too. love ya.

  7. Hey I hope you’ll have a blast in Boston, but I’m sure you will! I’ll be there soon as well, yayyy! :DAnd yeah for getting a break from all that tax stuff!

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