Hi there… back after the first weekend at our new place.

I must admit… I am feeling better. I really like it here and I am not melancholy anymore ( I always am… I hate changes… but then again, changes are good, am I right?)

Guess what? I bought my first scrapbook album and supplies!! I am soooo happy… now I can start. I wanted to scrapbook for soooo long! If anyone has any tips on how to start, let me know (although i am sure I’ll figure it out. I am a creative person).

What else? Oh yeah, we had our first thunderstorm yesterday… and the first rain in months! It was so exciting. It started off with a little drizzle in the morning, and then it was bucketing down. OMG. We originally had planned to go to IKEA yesterday, but we decided not to… which was a very wise decision as we found out that the Sacramento downtown area was under water and the highway was flooded, too. It was amazing to see it on TV. I couldn’t believe it. That is the start of fall, I believe.

It’s been only about 65°F today… and I am wearing a sweater. That’s Northern California for you. It’s going to be pretty wet here the next few months. But hey, I won’t complain. We had a great summer.

  1. Oh the stationary lady got a scrapbook, hmm? ;-) Yay! That’s great!
    Wonderful to hear that you are beiginning to like it better at your new place. *hugs*
    Have a good week!

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