Don’t ask…

you really DON’T want to know if today was any better than yesterday. Well it was considering that I got one of my project tasks done, but regarding the taxes? Don’t even get me started  :( After I came home yesterday all frustrated and moody, I didn’t work out (which made me feel bad), but lay down for an hour. Jon really couldn’t stand me, I guess, because he put me right to bed when I walked in.
He promised to help me look over the tax stuff later and I did some more research on the IRS website only to realize that the temp agency is a bunch of losers (sorry, I don’t mean that, but the responsible people don’t really seem to know anything!) and that they probably gave me the wrong advice (even though they should know) and that I probably have to pay taxes for at least part of my pay.

When I started to work with them and they were like “So, let us know how to tax you” and I was like “what?? “How the hell should I know?” and then all of a sudden they seemed to “know” that I am exempt from federal taxes, I thought they know what they’re talking about. Apparently, I have to fill out my tax form and tell the IRS why I am exempt from taxes and they won’t go along with “because my temp agency told me so”. They want legal documentation, so know I am waiting to hear back from the temp agency WHY they thought (which legal treaty they based their decision on that) I am exempt.

It’s all a mess. Let me tell you. And April, 15th – the due date – is coming up in less than a week. It’s just terrific :(

I made my homemade bean soup last night and watched an Elvis Presley movie that I got on Netflix. I was all excited when I found out that they’re renting Elvis Presley movies, because I used to watch them with my sister when we were kids ALL the time, and I was dying to see them in English. So I got that really cute movie “It happened at the World Fair” which I had seen a myriad of time with my sister and in fact I was still able to recall most of the script and compare it with the original. In fact, parts of the German dialogs were even more witty then the original :) It really cheered me up!

So, we’ll see what the weekend brings. We haven’t planned too much – we’re just meeting with Scott, our old neighbor from Davis, for dinner tomorrow, which should be fun! He’s such a smart and fun person to be around!

Apart from that, I am looking forward to some nice phone calls this weekend :) or some nice chats online!
I hope you have a good one – love ya.

  1. Hi Sweetpea!
    I’m glad that you had a good movie around to watch. I got Regular Guys here. Which one did you go to school with?
    Taxes suck. Basta. Hope you get it all done in time!! Traue niemals irgendwem hier was Infos angehen, hmm? Ick!

  2. hey pumkin,
    i am so sorry that the day was even more frustrating to you than the day before. but germany isn’t any better when it comes to “amtliche wege” and taxes and stuff. nobody seems to know what they are talking about. and they are the people who should give you answers….tsss!!! hope you’ll have a great saturday and are able to relax with your babe. i’m just about to get ready to drive to good old cologne.but i will be back tomorrow night. so i’m gonna try to give you a call. and hopefully reach you. so talk to you then. love and miss u sooohooooo…..

  3. lol Well I tried to call you too…. seems everyone wanted to be talking to ya this weekend lol but you werent there :-( so I hope you could understand my message – I just seemed to prattle on whenever I am on a machine lmao
    Miss ya and loveya tonz

  4. hun, i hope your weekend was a lot better and cheered you up a little. i totally planned on calling you yesterday but guess what? i had a bad headache all day and went to bed just after 9 pm. we’ll talk one of these days for sure though. that’s why i haven’t started to reply to your last mail yet. i thought we’d talk instead… tsss. might just try you at work some time this week or next weekend at home.. it’s so about time ;-)

  5. ach mausi. mensch. kann ich denn nicht mal fünf tage wegfahren?? :-) ich hoffe es geht dir besser inzwischen?? ich sende dir nen fetten kuss, ja? bussi von ute

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