“Innerer Schweinehund”

After two days with a fairly busy schedule and working overtime, I’ll make it out off the office at 5 pm today. Sweet!
I am planning to overcome my inneren Schweinehund today and go running again. Yes, it must be done. It’s not that I feel like I gained weight or anything, but I just feel blaah overall and have to do something about it and get my energy back.

Yesterday I first of all overslept (I just didn’t hear the alarm and woke up at 7:30 am all confused and jumped out of the bed. I didn’t even have time for a shower. Great way to start the day *lol*) I worked till 6pm again, came home, fixed some dinner and then watched… nah?… the Kings game on TV :) really important game, because they played the Seattle Supersonics who are leading the standings in this group right now. But the Kings were on top of it right from the start and achieved a glorious victory with 122:101. Isn’t it just wonderful? ;)
I had planned to go to bed right after the game, but of course I got sidetracked by a little chat with my cousin, who was online at 7:30 am :( I mean, it was nice to talk to him shortly, but shouldn’t he get ready to go to school at that time? Oh well… what can I say?

Today was pretty relaxed (except for a last minute task from my boss to create an animation within 20 minutes.. “yes, master, yes” :)) We had a Environmental Management System Awareness Meeting this morning… pretty boring ,because I knew already that I shouldn’t waste paper and that I should recycle and so on. But I guess there has to be an official group for that kind of stuff ;)

So, I am going home now and off to the workout room. I hope I’ll make it :)

  1. I hope you had a good run Sweetpea! Yay, for the kings winning that game! That’s pretty cool!
    I’m so sleepy, so no more commenting now….. School keeps me sooo busy right now. Hmpf!

  2. jeah, i did try to get a hold of you some time this week (mo or tue?) but got the AIM.. you were probably too busy.. good to hear you got off on time yesterday (you did, right?) and i actually did some exercising as well and went swimming last night and swam for an hour straight. felt a lot better afterwards.. *hugs*

  3. hey pumpkin,
    i already heard that you made it to your running schedule. respect. :smile: so hopefully the end of the week will be a lot more relaxed for you. i know what you are talking about: meanless meetings. yay!!!
    cool that your faves, the kings, made it again yesterday. a cool way to end the day, eh? *big smack*
    p.s. to edit some exercising,too: i am going to the aerobics tonight. OMG we are all sporty spices……*lol*

  4. Never wanted to be sporty spice but I´ll be to the gym, too, tonight *sigh*In my next life I hope to be posh spice or something like that :-D

  5. yeah, i probably will never be the one who’s fanatic about sports. but you’ll have to do it. but i really enjoy going walking in the woods. that is so relaxing, i think.

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