Kölle Alaaf…

yes, today it’s that day again… the Carneval Season starts in the Rhineland area – not that I would care, but I am taking my sister to the train station later and she’ll go to Köln to party.
I am not a big Carneval fan myself. I somehow have a problem with “being all smiles at the push of a button”… but I enjoy watching some “Karnevalssitzungen” sometimes. It’s just part of our culture ;)

The last two days were kind of boring. I didn’t do much, hung around the house most of the time and did some more research.. I am involved in this forum (visajourney) and it’s fun to share thoughts and experience with people who are in the same boat.
I also tried to craft an email that I want to send back to Gerald. I want to let him know that I was really disappointed and confused by his email, because it all didn’t make sense, but that it’s time for me to move on and that I need a recommendation from him. It’s kind of hard to find the right words as I don’t want to sound rude, but at the same time want to let him now that I am pissed off by everything they did to me.

Tonight I am going to a concert at my old school with my Mom and great-aunt. I hope it’s going to be a nice distraction.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

  1. did i miss something? i just read on another page: “sannie the bride to be” ??? did you forget to tell me something????? ;-)  carneval time huh? did you see that someone left me weird messages on my guestbook? i am scared! ;-) miss ya hunnnnyyyy!!! i am glad you let them know that you are pissed off, they deserve it!!! big kiss

  2. :laugh: hehe… if you had read my diary, you would have known that jon and i are talking about plan M… (btw, just found out that jewels wrote about “the bride to be”*lol*and yes, i saw that someone left weird messages on your guestbook. weird!!!!!!!!!!!! :huh: miss you too, hun!

  3. hi maus, you know i love carnival and i would have loved to be there. although those “karnevalssitzungen” are not really my thing. it’s more about the party for me i guess ;-)hey, you know if you ever feel like getting out of there to hop on a train to bremen, right? at least for the next two weekends that’s what i can offer. :-D just so you know! did jon book his flight for x-mas yet? sending a big hug and

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