The Kings

OMG… did anyone watch the Kings game last night? No? NO? It was soooo exciting. J and I went for a long walk beforehand and then were home in time to prepare dinner before the game started. So there we were with our plates on the couch in front of the TV and the game started… the Kings played the Philadelphia 76ers (where they had just traded Chris Webber to!), so it was? an emotional game anyways… C-Webb being back in Sacramento! The game was pretty darn close… at least up to the third quarter. The Kings had a 13 point-lead, then they fell back behind… the 76ers have this really fast player -I call?him “self-centered”- Allen Iverson who never passes the ball, but ALWAYS tries to get through the defense and make the points himself. Yes, he’s fast and he made a lot of points this way, but it’s like… “hey guy, you gotta team to play with… it’s not just YOU!” Mike Bibby didn’t play too well in the first half but towards the end he got better and he made some good shots… and the Kings won in the end with 118:109

During half-time we watched some “7th heaven” and J and I created our own nicknames for the characters… has anyone of you ever seen the little twin boys? J and I only call them “the retards”, because they talk as if they are totally stupid. Yeah, who knew that the babies that they casted for the show would turn out as complete morons! It’s so funny every time they talk!!

After the game, I watched “Summerland’… it’s so exciting right now, too. Ava was about to marry Simon (and nobody wants it… all the kids think that she and Johnny are the perfect match, and everybody else thinks that, too)…so it was totally exciting, because you didn’t know what was going to happen… of course, they were already having the wedding ceremony when finally someone steps in… and it’s not Johnny! OMG Sorry for babbling on about that, but if you watched the show, you would be as excited as me *lol*

Oh yeah, and then I had a lot of mail yesterday… two letters and a huge package from my sweet friend Cathy (thank you so much, sista ). I was bouncing up and down, because she sent me all this cute stationary stuff…I love it.

  1. You really are obsessed with basketball, huh? (And please tell me it really is basketball, or I’ll be completely embarrassing myself :x)Thanks for the picture CD. I hope you don’t mind that I uploaded the pictures of us?!

  2. no clue about basketball, hun. sorrey.. and the 7th heaven-twins are hilarious. bummer. and now they can’t exchange them.. :-P getting those letters sounds like fun. but i know you’re so good about writing “real” letters, too. i actually thought about sending you one the other day but as you can see, i have a hard time answering even an e-mail sometimes *sigh* dude, me don’t like me very much right now.. and now i’m whining even in your diary. *shakeshead* but i DO wanna see a picture of your first scrapbook here soon. ;-)

  3. and the 3rd one in the club who has zero clue of basketball. god, am i glad i am not the only one with a big ? in my face reading your basketball reports. don’t get me wrong. not that i don’t like to read it. i just don’t understand the rules. so thank you girls to be in the club. lol

  4. No 4 :-DBut at least I am into soccer…is anyone interested into the “Abseitsregel”? ;-)

  5. oh yes, there you go girl. i am into soccer, too and would love to be one of the lucky ones who’ll get tickets for the world championships. so let us now the abseitsregel

  6. ilka, sanni… jetzt ist aber gut… auf meiner seite über soccer diskutieren *lol*

  7. warum magst du kein fussball? wusste ich gar nich

  8. naja… es geht… nicht sonderlich… bin kein fan von irgendeinem verein oder so

  9. ilka, sannie interessiert sich nichtmal für die wm!!!! *kopfschüttel*ehm, sorry….sannie isn´t even interested in the soccer world championship 2006 in germany!!!do you believe? my boyfriend and i signed up for tickets and hopefully we´ll get them during the first purchase….in four week we´ll now :-)

  10. OMG that can’t be true. i think it’s so cool the wm or the em i am totally in a fever when it’s wm time. especially the last time because we were in the finals. i freaked out cuz 2 weeks of the wm i was in the states and i always had to call home to find out anything cuz those damn americans weren’t interested in soccer until they reached the quarter finals. sandra, come to my side, too if you like

  11. sorry sannie, but i think for a european you have to be part of the game….lol

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