Hey – does anyone of you watch Summerland on the WB Monday night? I love that show! I know it’s probably not very intellectually stimulating or anything, but it’s just fun to watch after a long work day! :) I totally agree with the kids in the show that Ava shouldn’t get married to Simon, but get back together with Johnny. It just HAS to happen – but of course they’re dragging this thing out over quite a few episodes. It’s one of these shows where you don’t know anything by the end of the episode, but are forced to watch the next one :) *lol* oh well, I think that’s what you call TV-marketing :) Jay (alias Ryan Kwanten) is kinda cute by the way :)

So, I had a nice lazy evening on the couch last night. I was really tired, watched some style shows first, then 7th heaven (the new episodes!) and then Summerland :) how much better can a night get? *lol* Oh wait – Sex and the City would top it all off :)

  1. Summerland?is gone from aussie tv’s :-( but did you know Ryan is Australian? lol – all our sufer boys look like him (lol – I wish)
    Last night I had a night of tv too…. Survivor Palau, Amazing Race,OC, CSI – NY…. as you say none of its very interlectual but a nice way to relax :-)

  2. OH :( too bad Summerland is gone from Aussie TV… that sucks! I love that show.. .and yes, I knew Ryan is Australian… got some pretty guys over there :-) :-D

  3. hey sweetie,
    love your new site. it’s cool. and sometimes it’s time for a change, right? so how was your weekend so far?big hugs ilka

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